Uttar Pradesh Obscene dance in primary school on Independence Day headmaster suspended स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर सरकारी स्कूल में अश्लील डांस, वीडियो वायरल होने पर हेडमास्टर निलंबित

Obscene dancing in primary school in Maharajganj - India TV Hindi News
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Obscene dance in primary school in Maharajganj


  • Shameful picture from Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh
  • obscene dance on independence day in elementary school
  • headmaster suspended

Uttar Pradesh: During the Independence Day celebrations at a primary school in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, something very shocking and embarrassing happened. In fact, a video of obscene dancing surfaced on the occasion of Independence Day in a primary school in Maharajganj district. After which the headmaster has been suspended. A senior official gave this information on Tuesday. Earlier, in Balrampur, UP, there was a case of not hoisting the tricolor in a government school on Independence Day.

The headman fell, FIR against the village head

According to official information, during the independence celebrations on Monday, the orchestra team was called to Padoli Primary School in Maharajganj where obscene dance was performed in front of teachers and students. Someone made a video of the incident and put it on social media. According to the official, District Magistrate Satyendra Kumar directed District Basic Education Officer (BSA) Ashish Singh to investigate the matter and the incident was found to be true after which the principal has been suspended and a case has been registered against the village head. has also been given.

The students also participated in obscene dancing
In the video, dancers are seen dancing in front of the students and some children in school clothes are also seen participating in it. Apart from school students, a large number of local people are also present to watch the dance. The BSA, who came to visit the school, told the reporters that the role of principal and village leader has come to the fore in cases of obscene dancing in the school premises. He said that principal Haridwar Chaudhary has been suspended while instructions have been given to register an FIR against village head Anil Yadav.

The Tricolor was not hoisted in the Government School at Balrampur
The national flag was not hoisted on the occasion of Independence Day in a primary school in the Haraiyya development block of Balrampur district. Local villagers protested against the non-hoisting of the tricolor on the occasion of Independence Day in the primary school in Haraiyya development block of Balrampur district. As soon as this negligence was discovered, the district elementary education officer ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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