UP News SP retaliates on CM Yogi’s statement about increasing the population of a community know what he said-सीएम योगी के एक समुदाय की आबादी बढ़ने वाले बयान पर सपा का पलटवार, जानें क्या कहा

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  • Anarchy does not arise from population, but from destruction of democratic values: Akhilesh Yadav
  • Instead of bringing laws, focus on education for all: Shafiqur Rahman Burke
  • SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke told Allah to have children

UP news: In a tweet on Tuesday, SP president Akhilesh Yadav took a grave in Adityanath’s statement, saying: “Anarchy does not arise from the people, but from the destruction of democratic values.” On the occasion of World Population Day, CM Yogi said at the launch of ‘Population Stability Pakhwada’ in Lucknow on Monday, “It should not happen that the pace of population growth or the percentage of a society is high. We are the population. Of ‘natives ‘Working through consciousness to stabilize He had said:’ It also has a negative effect on the religious demographics and there starts anarchy and disorder. So when we talk about population stabilization, it is for everyone and regardless of caste, religion, language or region. “Should be the same.”

“Instead of enacting laws, focus on education for all”

Meanwhile, Sambhal’s SP MP Shafiqur Rahman told Burke Allah about having children. He has advised the government that population growth can be effectively tackled by focusing on education for all instead of enacting laws. Burke attacked the state government for allegedly looking at population growth from a “special perspective”, saying the state government’s only goal was to get votes in the 2024 election (Lok Sabha). Burke said, “In terms of producing children, it is not related to people ethnically, but to Allah Ta’ala.”

“Allah Ta’ala sends his Rizq (food) with him to the child who produces”

Burke insisted: “Allah Ta’ala sends his rizq (food) with him for the child he produces. Despite this, if the government wants to bring a law, then instead of bringing a law, it should insist on training . ” Burke said: “Instead of thinking of legislation as a weapon to stop population growth, the government should focus on education and make proper arrangements for everyone, whether they are poor, big or small. If education is given, the issue of population will be resolved. ”

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