UP News Madarsa representatives meeting held in Deoband amidst survey of madrasas by the Yogi government many decisions taken देवबंद में हुई मदरसा प्रतिनिधियों की बैठक

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Darul Uloom Deoband

UP news: A meeting of representatives of unrecognized madrassas in Uttar Pradesh was held today at Darul-Uloom in Deoband amid the investigation being conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government. In this meeting, the survey conducted by the government in madrasas was discussed. After the meeting, a press briefing was held. In which the discussions and decisions taken at the meeting were narrated.

‘It is the government’s right to investigate madrasas’

While addressing the press conference, Arshad Madani said that this meeting is nothing new. Such meetings are convened 2-4 times a year. At the same time, regarding the investigation being conducted by the government, he said that it is the government’s right to investigate the madrasas. If someone comes to make an investigation, he must be helped. So far, no negative news has come out wherever the investigation has been conducted. The survey is well done.

‘Inside the madrasas we meet the needs of our mosques’

Madani said: “In today’s meeting, we told what has been told about madrasas in Islam, why madrasas have been built. There was never any opposition from our side. Madarsa is our religion. Madarsa is our religious need. complete.
Inside the madrassas we meet the needs of our mosques.”

Investigation of unrecognized madrassas to be carried out from 10 September

On one hand, while madrasa operators are fully cooperating with the teams in the investigation, they are also eagerly awaiting the Darul Uloom’s decision. It is noteworthy that on the orders of the Yogi government, the investigation of unrecognized madrassas is taking place from September 10. In this regard, Ulama have raised questions about the intention of the state government.

The line of action will be clear

Ulama had bluntly said that the government was targeting a particular community, while a conference of UP madrassas has been called on September 18 at Darul Uloom, the main center of Islamic education, in protest. After consideration, a course of action will be drawn up regarding the investigation. More than 250 madrassa operators affiliated with Darul Uloom will attend this conference. All the eyes of the madrassa operators in the state are on the conference stand and then Darul Uloom.

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