UP News Four arrested 25 others booked in dispute between two communities-दो समुदायों के बीच विवाद मामले में चार गिरफ्तार, 25 अन्य पर मामला दर्ज

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  • Inspector responsible for Premnagar Kotwali suspended for negligence
  • Police arrested four accused and one accused is on the run
  • An FIR has been filed against 25 unknown persons by the outpost responsible for housing development Om.

UP news: Police have registered a case against 25 unidentified individuals in connection with a dispute between two communities in the Janakpuri area of ​​Bareilly town. Apart from this, four accused have been arrested and sent to prison after completing the legal process. On the other hand, the chief inspector of Premnagar Kotwali has been suspended for alleged negligence in the work during the conflict. SSP Satyarth Anirudh said on Friday that in the incident on Thursday, four accused have been arrested and sent to jail. Another FIR has also been registered against 25 unidentified individuals in this case. He said steps are being taken after identifying the accused using media photographs and CCTV cameras.

Prem Nagar station, which operates Dayashankar, has been suspended

SSP Anirudh said Dayashankar in charge of Prem Nagar police station was suspended after preliminary investigation and Arvind Kumar has been charged with Prem Nagar police station. It is worth noting that on Thursday night, the team from the municipal company had reached the market near the Ramjanki temple in Janakpuri to remove the alleged intervention carried out by Mohammad Nawaz, the operator of the chicken biryani shop. There was a fight with the store operator’s team to break the pucca construction on the drain. However, the team had the building demolished. It is alleged that Monwaj and his staff attacked drug dealer Ankit Bhatia, Hindu Yuva Vahini’s mayor Kamal Rana, Narendra Rana, etc. with knives. The store operator suspected that the said persons had complained to the municipal team.

The outpost with responsibility for housing development, Om, had FIR made.

Bareilly Municipal Judge Rajeev Pandey said that on the orders of the SSP, the first report was registered against the five nominees on Thursday. Of these, four people were arrested by the police and one accused is on the run. At the same time, another case was registered in Prem Nagar against 25 unidentified people accused of disturbing the atmosphere, creating trouble, damaging state property, blocking the road and obstructing the work of the government. This FIR is submitted by the Outpost Manager Om of Housing Development.

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