UP Jail HIV: यूपी की वह जेल जहां मुफ्त में मिल रहा है एचआइवी, सामने आई चौंकाने वाली ये रिपोर्ट

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  • Unprotected sex in UP prisons
  • The number of HIV victims in prison increased due to unprotected sex
  • There was panic in the administration because of the outcome of the report

UP Jail HIV: The administration has been shaken by the report of spread of HIV virus in the jails of Uttar Pradesh. According to the data, 26 prisoners have been found to be HIV positive in Barabanki prison alone in one month. The state health department has written a letter to the jail administration asking these infected prisoners to get treatment from the ART center in Lucknow. Soon, the department will set up another camp in the jail where women prisoners will be examined.

District Tuberculosis Officer Vinod Kumar Dohre said the results of TB and HIV tests among the inmates came to light during three camps in the jail. In June, six inmates at the Gonda District Jail tested positive for HIV. The inmates were tested after a sub-trial in the prison tested positive. There are more than a thousand inmates in the prison. Jail Superintendent Dipankar Kumar confirmed this and said that a medical camp was organized inside the premises. “We have decided to first send all the affected patients to the district hospital to isolate them for the virus and get their other tests done,” the official said.

23 HIV positives were found in Saharanpur in July

This process of becoming HIV positive in UP jails continues. Now the barracks of such patients will be shifted under standard operating procedure. The in-house physician has been notified and instructions have been given to monitor his health. In July, 23 prisoners were found to be HIV-positive in the Saharanpur prison. The matter came to light when a health check-up camp was organized by the health department in the Saharanpur jail. Blood samples of prisoners found to be infected with tuberculosis were also collected for testing for HIV and 23 of them were found to be HIV positive. Among them is a female prisoner. A senior health official, who spoke to IANS on condition of anonymity, said overcrowding in jails is a matter of concern. “In this situation, unprotected sex cannot be ruled out, and it has clearly caused the spread of HIV,” he explained.

unprotected sex in prison
It is clear from the constant HIV positives in UP’s prisons that unprotected sex takes place between the prisoners in the prisons here. The prison administration has proved unsuccessful in preventing this. Having sex in prison is a serious matter. After all, when and how do the prisoners make illicit connections between such a crowd. The problem becomes more serious when both male and female prisoners have confirmed HIV cases. This means that illegal sex also takes place between male prisoners and female prisoners. But how this can be done in the prison, only the prison management can give the answer. There is also the possibility of having unprotected sex between male to male prisoners. This can also be called a homosexual relationship. Because more cases of HIV have been found in men.

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