This new party will give competition to Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah in kashmir – जम्मू कश्मीर में महबूबा मुफ्ती और उमर अब्दुल्ला को टक्कर देगी ये नई पार्टी, विधानसभा चुनाव में होगा कड़ा मुकाबला

New Political Party in J&K- India TV Hindi News
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New political party in J&K

As the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir approach, political activities are intensifying there as well. Ahead of the assembly elections, one more political party has been formed in Jammu and Kashmir. It is made by Sanjay Kumar associated with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s organization. The new political party has also received recognition from the Election Commission.

Sanjay Kumar has named his party Nationalist People’s Front, the party’s slogan is that it wants to make the valley drug-free, corruption-free and violence-free.

Showed strength at the first public meeting

The Nationalist People’s Front held its first public meeting in Srinagar and made the people of the valley as well as all the political parties feel their power. This public meeting took place at Sher-e-Kashmir Park in Srinagar. The election campaign has not yet sounded in Jammu and Kashmir, the political tension seems to be intensifying. Within the last 15 days, 2 new political parties in the valley have shown their strength ahead of the upcoming general assembly election. First, Ghulam Nabi Azad announced his new party. And today this second party was launched.

This is the second major election rally in Srinagar.

After Ghulam Nabi Azad’s rally in Jammu, this was the second major election rally in Srinagar. A large number of people from different districts of Kashmir had participated in this rally, especially youth and women were present in this rally. The excitement and enthusiasm for the new party was clearly visible among those involved in the rally, the party was launched with drums and traditional Kashmiri music.

Youth gathering in convention

The youth who reached the convention saw many expectations from this party. The youth said that the intention of this party is very clear. That is why we have joined this party. The parties that came before this neither did development work nor took special steps for the youth. Right now people are hoping that this party will not only take drugs free, corruption free but also take development work forward.

The party will work by keeping the young people at the centre

During the launch of his party in Srinagar, party president Sanjay Kumar while talking to India TV said that our mission is not to issue articles like Article 370 but to work for the welfare of the youth. Our party will be completely different from other parties, no old political faces will be involved in this party. This party will go ahead with the vision of Drug Free, Corruption Free and Violence Free Kashmir. Sanjay Kumar said whether the party will participate in the upcoming assembly elections or not, it will all be decided in the core committee meeting.

Politics in the state has reached its peak on the issue of inclusion of new non-Kashmiri voters. On the other hand, Karnataka resident Sanjay Kumar will see a big change in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir due to the launch of the new party before the announcement of the assembly elections, only time will tell.

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