Telangana News Karate teacher Abdul Qadir was preparing for the riots was training Muslim youths for the attack – दंगे की तैयारी कर रहा था कराटे टीचर अब्दुल कादिर

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  • Karate teacher Abdul Qadir prepared for the riots
  • provided attack training to Muslim youth
  • Telangana Police arrested

Telangana news: A shocking news comes out from Nizamabad, Telangana. Four people including karate teacher Abdul Qadir have been arrested here. It is alleged that these people were preparing Muslim youths for riots under the guise of teaching karate. The connections of these people are also being told with the radical Islamic organization Popular Front of India. In fact, the four accused Muslim youths were training to attack in the name of the Karate Camp in Nizamabad, according to police, their target was Hindu community. According to police, weapons have also been found in the detainees. These weapons were used by these people for training in karate camps.

By now, the army of three hundred PFI supporters had been prepared

According to Nizamabad Police Commissioner KR Nagaraju, offensive literature and weapons have also been found from the detainees. Along with these four people, they have another thirty companions who are being searched. Police say the old criminal records of these fundamentalists will also be searched. It has been learned from the sources that these accused have so far prepared an army of about three hundred PFI supporters.

52-year-old Abdul Qadir used to brainwash the young people

Nizamabad police commissioner KR Nagaraju has told the media that 52-year-old Abdul Qadir is the main leader of this campaign by the radical Islamist organization PFI. He used to bring Muslim boys from his locality and city to these karate camps, and then brainwash them and prepare them for attack. In these camps, these boys were taught that Hindus were their enemies. By learning this, they were prepared for attack.

How PFI works

The radical Islamist organization PFI claims that it is raising its voice in favor of backward people and Muslims. This organization was established in 2006. This organization has its roots in Kerala. Although its headquarters are said to be in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi.

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