Tamil nadu News Violence broke out in Tamil Nadu after girl s death all private schools in the state closed today-तमिलनाडु में लड़की की मौत के बाद हुई हिंसा आज राज्य के सभी निजी स्कूल बंद

    Violence broke out in Tamil Nadu after girl's death - India TV Hindi News
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Violence broke out in Tamil Nadu after the death of a girl


  • Angry people were subjected to vandalism after death
  • 52 police officers have been injured
  • CM MK Stalin appeals for peace

Tamil nadu news: After the death of a student near Kallakurichi in Tamil Nadu, angry people set fire to several vehicles on Sunday, throwing stones and demanding the arrest of the culprits. They also searched the girl’s school. Police fired into the air to control the violent mob and a curfew was imposed. After the arrival of police forces from the surrounding areas, the situation gradually began to return to normal. Chairman of Tamil Nadu Private Schools Association, KR Nandakumar, said all private kindergartens, matriculation and CBSE schools in the state will remain closed tomorrow in protest of the attack on Kanyamoor Shakti Matriculation School in Kallakurichi.

Study submitted to CB-CID

Director General of Police C Shailendra Babu said the investigation into the girl’s death has been transferred to CB-CID. About 70 people involved in the violence and two men and a woman with senior positions in the school management have been arrested. He further said that school officials have been arrested in connection with the girl’s death. In response to a question, he dismissed the case of errors in the intelligence system. 52 police officers including officers like YOU (Villupuram) M Pandian have been injured in the violence. Babu said police exercised restraint and handled the situation carefully. He said the situation was handled in such a way that no one was killed.

K. Palaniswami told CM Stalin in charge

Prime Minister MK Stalin appealed to the people to keep the peace and assured that the culprits would be punished. AIADMK leader and former chief minister K. Palaniswami has accused the police, state government and district administration of being negligent and not taking timely action. “Chief Minister Stalin is fully responsible for this,” Palaniswami said, adding that if the government had acted immediately against the school, the situation would not have gone out of control. The BJP described the DMK rule as incompetent. Foreign Minister K Phanindra Reddy and Director General of Police Shailendra Babu arrived here from Chennai and inspected the girl’s school. A case has been filed for violence, property damage, illegal assembly and assault on police officers, he said. Babu said that based on the video footage, the perpetrators of the violence have been identified and more people related to this will also be caught soon. He said the incident of school vandalism would be investigated separately and all aspects including the role of a suspicious organization in gathering people through social media would be investigated.

Protesters vandalized the school by entering

Police said the protesters went into an ‘international’ school in Chinnasalem, where they broke police carriads and burned buses parked on the spot. He said some people also set fire to a police bus. He said some people climbed onto the roof and damaged the school’s nameplate. The police officers tried to spread the protesters, but in a short time they re -grouped themselves and searched. Police from the surrounding districts have begun gathering here to check on the situation. Police said a group of protesters went into school and searched the school area. Some of them took away school furniture and cabinets, smashed them and set them on fire, he said. The protesters also threw stones at the police. Chief of Police C. Shailendra Babu appealed to the people to keep the peace and warned the perpetrators of violence. He told reporters in Chennai that tough action would be taken against those involved in the violence.

The girl’s body was found in the hostel’s premises on 13 July

It is noteworthy that a 17-year-old student studying at a private school in Chinnasalem, 15 km away, was found dead on July 13 in the hostel’s premises. The girl lived in a room on the third floor of the hostel and is believed to have committed suicide by jumping down from the top floor. The postmortem report allegedly revealed that the girl had injury marks on her body before she died. Police have launched an investigation by registering a case in this regard. After the student’s death, her family members, relatives and the people of her village of Perivanasalur constantly protest and demand justice. He demanded an investigation by the Crime Branch-Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID) into the case and the arrest of the culprits.

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