RRR का ओपनिंग सीन शूट करने में जो समय लगा उसमें अक्षय ने पूरी कर ली फिल्म, जानें क्यों रामचरण ने खिलाड़ी कुमार पर कसा ये तंज

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Telugu actor Ram Charan, who starred in the film RRR, has said that it took him a whopping 35 days to shoot the opening scene of his film. He had been shooting in the dust for a long time, after which he also had to undergo a sinus operation.

South Indian film RRR broke many records at the box office. Telugu star actor Ram Charan, who plays the lead role in the film, has now taken a dig at Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. Actor Ram Charan has made a big statement about Akshay Kumar during the Leadership Summit 2022. After the statement, Ram Charan has come into limelight.

In fact, Ram Charan recently said that it took him 35 days to shoot the opening introduction scene of the Rajamouli-directed film RRR. He recalled the story of the shooting and said that when he shot the opening scene, he had an allergy as the film was shot in dust for several consecutive days. His health had also deteriorated due to working in the dust for a long time. After this, he also had to undergo sinus surgery.

He said that around three thousand to four thousand people were present on the sets of the movie RRR. Akshay Kumar finishes shooting an entire film in the same time it took us to shoot the opening scene of the film. He said this in a funny way during the summit.

It is worth noting that the shooting of Akshay Kumar’s film Samrat Prithviraj was completed in 42 days. Although Akshay Kumar was trolled a lot by Twitter users for ending the shooting of the film early. Referring to the epidemic, Akshay Kumar said that due to the epidemic, there was a long delay in the release of our film. If the pandemic had not come, the film would have been released much earlier. He had said that we are following the schedule very well to complete the film. He had told that everyone comes and goes on the sets on time, which helps in completing the film in a limited time.

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