Report on Salt Eating too much salt can cause death read the latest Research। दाल-सब्जी या किसी तरह के खाने में ऊपर से छिड़कते हैं नमक? हो सकती है मौत, लेटेस्ट रिसर्च में सामने आई ये बात

Report on salt - India TV Hindi
Report on Salt


  • Beware of those who sprinkle salt on top of the food
  • People who put raw salt in food from above love death
  • What emerged in the research conducted in the European Heart General

Salt report: We have often seen many people put salt on top of their food. Or rather say that they only like to eat after adding more salt. But according to the latest research that has come out about salt, people who sprinkle salt on top of lentils, vegetables or other food need to be careful because they are celebrating with their death. Eating less salt keeps health good, but eating more salt has a bad effect on health and a person gets many diseases. One often hears people say that salt is to taste, whereas one should say that salt is to health.

What does the latest research say

A new research is published on July 11 in the European Heart General. It says the risk of death in people who add salt to food is 28% higher than ordinary people. This research has been published on the basis of experiments performed on 5 lakh people.

Earlier, in a study by England’s New England Journal of Medicine, it was revealed that Indians are the people who eat the most salt in the world.

what the doctors say

Doctors believe that an ordinary man should not eat more than 5 grams of salt in a day. If you eat food by adding salt from above, then you may have heart and kidney related problems. This is also a kind of intoxication because your body gets used to eating after sprinkling salt from above. Therefore, try to eat only cooked salt for the food and do not sprinkle salt on top of the food.

Eating raw salt can also cause problems such as hypertension and high blood pressure. Have a blood sample taken to get information about the salt in your body. This knows the amount of sodium, potassium and electrolyte in the body. Sodium is also a part of salt. The task of sodium is to create the right level of water in the human body and to transport other nutrients, including oxygen, to all organs.

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