Rajat Sharma Blog: T-20 World Cup: Why Team India lost so badly?| टी-20 वर्ल्डकप: टीम इंडिया इतनी बुरी तरह क्यों हारी?

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India Television Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma.

Millions of Indian cricket fans were heartbroken on Thursday as they watched India lose badly to England in the semi-finals of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup played in Adelaide. The Indian team lacked aggression, pace and passion to win against the English players and their performance, especially that of the bowlers and fielders, was pathetic. Thus ended the Indian team’s journey in the T20 World Cup in a shameful manner. This crushing defeat of India at the hands of the English team, cricket fans will not be able to remove it from their minds for a long time.

The slow start of Indian batting can be gauged from the fact that only 62 runs could be scored in the first 10 overs. Virat Kohli’s half-century and Hardik Pandya’s quickfire 63 runs somehow helped the Indian team reach the score of 168 runs. The score of 168 for 6 in 20 overs was a match score. Generally, it is not that easy for any team to chase it down in a high-pressure match, but the Indian bowlers proved to be ineffective.

He could not manage to take a single English wicket. Most embarrassingly, England scored 170 runs needed for victory without losing a wicket in just 16 overs and reached the final. Where he has to compete with Pakistan. During England’s innings, Team India’s medium fast bowler or spinner were all beaten up violently. England openers Jos Buttler and Alex Hales hit 10 sixes and 13 fours. That is, 112 runs were scored from the boundary itself. Which shows how poor the performance of our bowlers was.

Indian team captain Rohit Sharma looked very disappointed after losing such an important match. He admitted that ‘our bowling was not up to the mark. It was certainly not a wicket that any team could easily win on in 16 overs. We couldn’t turn the ball over today. When it comes to the knockout stage, it all comes down to handling the pressure. You can’t teach every player to handle pressure. When these players play IPL, these matches are high pressure and these players are able to handle the pressure.

It cannot be denied that the Indian players struggled to adapt to the Australian conditions in the early summer and their performances during the powerplay were also poor. The English players, on the other hand, have had consistent experience of playing on Australian pitches as they played in the Australian Big Bash League. Thus, due to the experience and determination of the English players, they dominated our team in the semi-final match.

Losing and winning are part of the game but the way England beat Team India is a shame. It can also be called shameful because Team India surrendered before the onslaught of the English batsmen. The way the English openers demolished the Indian bowling made him wonder if it was a World Cup semi-final or a ‘mohalla match’!

Apart from Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, the rest of the players lacked enthusiasm and aggression. It looked like they weren’t even trying to win such an important game. Jos Buttler played his mind game and Rohit Sharma was helpless. The Indian captain could not understand what to do and what not to do.

Rohit Sharma commented that it was a ‘high pressure game’ and his team could not handle the pressure. It makes us think: If this is our best team that can’t handle the pressure, is our team not ready to play such big tournaments right now? If you can do it, why couldn’t the rest of the players? Will there be talk of changing the captain again? Will the coach be asked again: Whatever it is, Team India has disappointed millions of its fans. (Rajat Sharma)

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