Punjab News newly wedded bride video of consuming drugs publicly goes viral in Maqboolpura Amritsar हाथों में चूढ़ा और लाल जोड़े में लड़खड़ाती दुल्हन… पंजाब से आया नशे का ये वीडियो डरा देगा


  • Video of a girl from Amritsar, Punjab goes viral
  • Girl unable to walk properly in a state of intoxication
  • The constituency belongs to AAP MLA Jeevan Jot Kaur.

Punjab News: A video of a girl in a drunken state from Amritsar, Punjab is going viral. It is seen in this video that this girl is not even able to walk properly. She couldn’t even stand on her feet. She was so drunk that she could not walk a single step. It is seen in the video that this girl has a bangle in her hand, which indicates that she got married recently. The person who recorded this video has also told that this area belongs to Aam Aadmi Party MLA Jeevan Jot Kaur and the name of the place is Maqboolpura in Amritsar.

The area where the video is is the police station nearby

When she saw this video, it seemed that the girl may fall at any moment. In the video, the feet of this girl who looks like a new bride with a chuda in her hands are dizzying. She stands in one place for a long time to recover. When the video went viral, the police swung into action. Police have identified this girl, but her name and address have not been shared by police. This girl is a resident of Maqboolpura. Now the police have sent it to the rehabilitation center. India TV Correspondent Gonika Arora told that there is a police post nearby in Maqboolpura area where this video is from. But the police do nothing.

Girls come to do drugs
India TV found another video of the same location, shot by drug-addicted locals. In this video, two girls are seen sitting on a rickshaw. Who had come to this area to take a dose of drugs. Local people used to recognize her, she often comes there, so she made a video of her. These girls said they had come to take drugs. It is freely available here. One girl even said that she has been doing drugs for the past 10 years and comes here to do drugs.

indian tv news
Let us inform that as soon as India TV prominently showed this news about Maqboolpura in Amritsar, the administration woke up. The news from India TV had an impact and several police officers were transferred to Amritsar after the drug case came to light in Maqboolpura.

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