Punjab News 25 lakh households get zero electricity bills in AAP government vs पंजाब वाले हुए खुश! AAP की सरकार में 25 लाख लोगों का बिजली बिल आया ‘जीरो’

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann - India TV Hindi News
Image source: PTI
Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann


  • 300 units per month relief from Punjab Govt
  • Electricity bills of 25 lakh private consumers have become ‘zero’
  • ‘Bills sent to 42 lakh out of 72 lakh domestic consumers’

Punjab News: Around 25 lakh domestic consumers in Punjab have got ‘Zero’ electricity bill. State Power Minister Harbhajan Singh gave this information on Saturday. The minister told the media in Amritsar that this is the first time that the government fulfills its election promises in the initial year itself, otherwise governments fulfill their election promises only in the last year of their tenure.

He said that due to the relief of 300 units per month by the Punjab government, the electricity bills of 25 lakh household consumers in the state have become “Nil”. He said: “Under this Bijli Mafi scheme, no caste or religion has been established, but every household consumer who consumes up to 600 units of electricity in two months will get a ‘zero’ electricity bill. If he uses it, he will have to pay the full electricity bill.”

Punjab CM and AAP leader Bhagwant Mann addressing a public meeting ahead of the Himachal Pradesh Ass

Image source: PTI

Punjab CM and AAP leader Bhagwant Mann addressing a public meeting ahead of Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections in Palampur

Bills sent to 42 lakh consumers – Minister

The power minister also said that due to two-month electricity exemption bill cycle, consumers get 600 units of free electricity, which is more than the requirement of any normal household. He said that 25 lakh consumers will not have to pay bills out of the bills received in August due to the electricity exemption given from July 01. The Minister said that out of total 72 lakh domestic consumers, 42 lakh consumers were sent bills , out of which 25 lakh households got zero bills. Apart from this, 34 lakh families have benefited from subsidized electricity at the rate of Rs 3 per unit.

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