PM Modi’s Birthday cheetah returns in india PM Modi said country is engaged in the rehabilitation of cheetahs with new energy’

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PM Modi’s birthday: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is celebrating his 72nd birthday today at Kuno National Park. On this occasion he released the cheetahs brought from Namibia in Kuno National Park. In his address to the nation, he said that the entire country has rallied with new energy for the rehabilitation of cheetahs. He said in his speech that it was unfortunate that we declared cheetahs extinct from the country in 1952 but for decades no meaningful efforts were made to rehabilitate them.

Future is secure by protecting environment: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said: ‘Today in the nectar of independence, the country has now mustered new energy to rehabilitate cheetahs. It is true that when nature and the environment are protected, our future is also secure. The paths to growth and prosperity also open up. When cheetahs run again in Kuno National Park, the ecosystem of the grasslands here will be restored again, biodiversity will increase further.

We must not let our efforts fail: PM Modi

In accordance with the international guidelines, India is trying its best to eradicate these cheetahs. We should not let our efforts fail. The countrymen will have to be patient, wait a few months to see the cheetahs released in Kuno National Park. Today, these cheetahs have come as guests, unaware of this area. For these cheetahs to make Kuno National Park their home, we also need to give these cheetahs a few months’ time.

With protection of environment, country can make progress: PM Modi

Nature and environment, animals and birds, for India it is not only about sustainability and safety. For us, they are also the basis of our sensibility and spirituality. Today, 21st century India is sending a message to the whole world that economy and ecology are not contradictory fields. Along with protecting the environment the progress of the country can also happen, India has shown this to the world.

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