Pardes Completes 25 Years । परदेस के 25 वर्ष पूरे, सुभाष घई ने बताया कैसे चुने थे फिल्म के किरदार

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never wrote a character looking at a star

There is a principle of writing a story that first the character and his story must be written, then the stars must be seen to fit into it. I have never written a character by looking at a star. First I judge for myself whether a certain character is a star fit or a new waist, only then I finalize it.

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shahrukh khan worked hard

Talk about its protagonist Arjun Sagar played by Shahrukh Khan. When I called Shahrukh for the casting, I told him only one thing that you don’t have to play Shahrukh in this film. Tumhari Dilwale Dulhania is a huge hit and your romantic character is loved by all. When you see a girl on screen for the first time, you really feel like you’re in love with her. But my story is like that where you have to keep this feeling of love till the end or my story will be ruined.

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In such a situation, Shahrukh really had to work very hard to bring himself out of Shahrukh Khan and the special thing is that he did that too. The character’s accessories were such that even though she was modern, she looked mature. In such a situation, I advised him to wear trousers instead of jeans, which somehow created magic in the film. I think Shah Rukh’s performance in this film was different from all his other films.

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Madhuri Dixit was first selected for Ganga

My initial plan was to cast Madhuri as the story’s second protagonist, Ganga, played by Mahima Choudhary. Narrating this script, Madhuri liked it a lot. The team also wanted Madhuri to be signed for this role. But Madhuri had become a big star by the time of this film. And the character that belonged to Kusum was a girl from a small village who, seeing her on her way to Hawaii, starts weaving dreams that she too will go to America in a plane and get married there too. . I wanted innocence in this character that I couldn’t put through the stars. That’s why I signed Mahima Chaudhary as a newcomer so that the newness of this character comes out.

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Signed Mahima Chaudhary after seeing three things

When I interviewed Mahima Choudhary, she used to laugh out loud at a certain point. Apart from this, the love I wanted in this character was seen in his eyes because he has very beautiful eyes and apart from this he was short in height. All these three things were common in Mahima Chaudhary which I needed for this character in the story. That girl should be a very cool talker, should laugh openly and talk with her eyes, Mahima Chaudhary worked very closely on all these points and the special thing is that she also got Filmfare Award for this.

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Songs were also the first choice

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai, Magar Chupke-Chupke.. This sparkling Bollywood love song has been the soundtrack to many love stories for generations. I love my India is loved with the same force even today. ‘Jahan Piya, Wahne Main’ and ‘Meri Mehbooba’ are such songs which are still people’s favorite songs. In such a situation, with the memorable 90s movie Pardes, where this movie had a great mix of romance, drama, action and action with patriotism, Pardes turned out to be the most popular movie of the era.

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In this movie King Khan played i.e. Shahrukh Khan, the role of Arjun where he was seen on screen romancing Mahima Chaudhary, the beautiful new actress of that year. Apart from these, another newcomer Apoorva Agnihotri played an important character of Rajiv. Pardes is one of the most memorable films which also featured prominent supporting actors like Amrish Puri, Alok Nath, Dina Pathak, Himani Shivpuri and Aditya Narayan in pivotal roles.

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