OMG! हाथियों ने पी ली देशी शराब, नशे में घंटों रहे धुत; जानिए क्या है पूरा मामला । OMG A herd of Elephants drank country liquor stayed intoxicated for hours Learn about the case in detail

Elephants drink country liquor in Odisha - India TV Hindi News

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Elephants drank country liquor in Odisha

Often you must have seen or heard that a drunk man was sleeping on the side of the road after drinking alcohol or making a ruckus in the middle of the road, but have you ever seen an animal having fun after drinking country liquor. Especially an elephant, maybe not. Let us tell you that some similar news has come to us from Odisha, here a herd of elephants ate country liquor. After this they all got drunk and fell into a deep sleep. The villagers around were stunned to see this sight.

In fact, the people of Shilipada village in Keonjhar district of Odisha had kept Mahua flowers in huge pots in the forests of Patna to be soaked in water. Please tell that wine was to be made from these. When the villagers went to the forest to make mahua in the morning, they saw 24 elephants sleeping there. And there all the pots were broken and the water was missing. This made everyone understand that the elephants had drunk the intoxicating water, which is why they fell asleep. At first the villagers tried hard to lift the elephants but they did not get up. The information was then given to the forest department.

Utensils filled with Mahua were broken

After talking to the villagers, it came to know that when the villagers reached the forest in the morning to prepare Mahua, they saw that all the pots filled with Mahua were broken and the fermented water was missing. He further told that elephants slept near him. The villagers said that the elephants drank that water. Because of this he became intoxicated. He added, “That liquor was not treated. We tried to wake up the elephants but failed. After this, the information was given to the forest department.

Drums had to be beaten to lift the elephants

After the information received from the villagers, the forest department personnel reached the forest in Patana forest area. Here he began to try to wake up the herd of elephants. Ranger Ghasiram Patra said that when they reached there, drums had to be played to lift the elephants. After this the elephant got up and went into the forest. However, the forest worker suspects that the elephants slept drunk after drinking mahua water. According to him, there is a possibility that the elephants were just resting there. The villagers, however, insisted on this and reiterated their point of view, saying that on Tuesday they had seen elephants sleeping in several places near destroyed implements. Everyone slept there in a state of intoxication for several hours.

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