Nupur Sharma News Supreme Court looked soft this time said never wanted you to put in any kind of danger- ‘हम कभी नहीं चाहते थे कि…’, इस बार नूपुर शर्मा पर नरम दिखे सुप्रीम कोर्ट के जज, दी बड़ी राहत

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Nupur Sharma


  • “SC never wanted Nupur to go to any court for exemption”
  • The bench also took notice of the fact that Nupur Sharma received death threats
  • We should correct the facts, maybe we were not able to say it correctly: Bench

Nupur Sharma News: Tuesday brought relief to Nupur Sharma, the suspended leader of the BJP, who went to the Supreme Court after hearing a serious reprimand. While the judges had shown a harsh stance last time towards Nupur Sharma, who moved the Supreme Court regarding the prophetic controversy, the same judge this time appeared soft. A court consisting of Judge Surya Kant and Judge JB Pardiwala granted temporary protection from arrest until August 10 in connection with FIRs registered against him in several states for Nupur’s statement on the Prophet Mohammad.

‘We never wanted that …’

Justice Suryakant and Justice Pardiwala said, referring to the things said during the last hearing on Nupur Sharma’s petition, that her message was not true. The judges said the Supreme Court never wanted Nupur to go to any court for help. The two judges issued messages to several states, including the Center, Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra, about their prayer and requested their answers before August 10, the next date for the hearing. The bench granted exemption until 10 August from criminal proceedings in the current FIRs / complaints as well as the FIRs / complaints that may be filed in the future.

There were many strong condemnations in the past

The case concerns the alleged controversial remarks to the Prophet during a televised debate program on May 26. The bench also took note of the alleged death threats against Nupur Sharma following the July 1 order. In its order of 1 July, the court had refused to combine the FIRs lodged against Nupur in different parts of the country and strongly condemned her remarks. The bench had said that Nupur Sharma has ‘set the whole country on fire’ with her ‘unrestrained tongue’ and ‘she alone is responsible for what is happening in the country’.

‘Nupur received death threats’

Senior lawyer Maninder Singh, who is representing Nupur, said during the arguments that Nupur has received death threats following the Supreme Court ruling of July 1, and it has been recorded that a person from Pakistan has attacked her. Traveled to India to attack. He said some alleged extremists had recently been arrested in Patna, which is said to have been attacked by petitioners. The bench asked Singh if these incidents, to which he referred, happened after the July 1 order. The senior lawyer answered ‘yes’ to that.

“Maybe we did not tell the truth”

Nupur’s lawyer further claimed that the Supreme Court wanted Sharma to go to various courts for help, but due to increasing threats, it has become difficult for her to visit the courts. The bench said: “We should correct the facts. Maybe we could not say it correctly, but we never wanted you to go to any court for emergency relief. We never wanted you or your family to suffer in any way.” be endangered. “

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