Noida Twin Tower Demolition Video: सुपरटेक के ट्विन टावर 9 सेकेंड में हुए ढेर, देखें विस्फोट का पूरा वीडियो


  • Illegally constructed twin towers of Supertech collapsed
  • The tower, which was about 100 meters high, collapsed in seconds
  • 10 meter wall of the nearby ATS community broken

Noida Twin Tower Demolition Video: The Twin Towers of Supertech in Sector 93A in Noida were demolished on Sunday afternoon. The action came a year after the Supreme Court’s direction to demolish these illegally constructed twin towers. Buildings about 100 meters high were detonated and demolished in seconds. The twin towers, taller than Delhi’s historic Qutub Minar (73 metres), were demolished using ‘waterfall implosion’ technique. Minutes after the Twin Towers were demolished, the surrounding buildings appeared to be safe. These twin towers of Supertech were the tallest structures ever to be demolished in India.

10 meter wall of ATS community broken

The towers ‘Apex’ (32 storeys) and ‘Cyan’ (29 storeys) have been under construction since 2009 in the housing society Supertech Emerald Court in Sector 93A, Noida, adjacent to the national capital Delhi. More than 3,700 kg of explosives were used to demolish the buildings. There was no damage to the residential buildings around Emerald Court Society, said an official from Edphis Engineering, the twin tower demolition company. But later, Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that a 10-metre wall of the nearby ATS society has been damaged due to the debris. No damage has been reported elsewhere.

By 7:00 p.m., people in nearby communities will be able to return to their homes.
Noida Authority’s CO Ritu Maheshwari said the AQI data before and after the demolition of the twin towers are almost identical. Around 7 p.m., residents of nearby vacant associations are allowed to return to their homes. Around 100 water tankers and 300 sanitation workers have been deployed here. Officials from Edifice, South Africa’s Jet Demolitions, Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and Noida are conducting a structural analysis of the buildings in Emerald Court and ATS Village, two communities located near the twin towers. An official said that ‘anti-smog guns’ (water spraying devices) are being used to spray water on the dust.

It will take three months to remove about 80 thousand tons of waste
915 residential apartments, including 40 floors and 21 shops, were proposed in the twin towers. Before the demolition of these structures, about 5,000 people from Emerald Court and ATS Village, two communities located near them, were evacuated. In addition, around 3,000 vehicles and 150-200 pets, including cats and dogs, were also removed. According to estimates, it will take about three months to remove 55 to 80 thousand tons of waste generated after the demolition of the twin towers. Significantly, on 31 August 2021, the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the twin towers. The court had said that the building rules were violated with the knowledge of the district officials.

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