Muslim Women Stopped Kanwariyas UP Moradabad Muslim women stopped Kanwariyas there was a ruckus after the debate

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  • Muslim women blocked the way of the Kanwariyas
  • The incident in Ibrahimpur village Sonakpur police station in Moradabad
  • violent tumult between the two sides

Muslim women stopped the Kanwariyas: In Moradabad, UP, people of Hindu and Muslim religion came face to face to wipe out the Kanwar Yatra. A large number of Muslim women present there blocked the way of the Kanwariyas by placing cots. Therefore, there was much debate between the two sides. Muslim women alleged that the Kanwar Yatris did not go on the prescribed route. The uproar continued for a long time. Both sides tried to prove their point. While the women alleged that the Kanwariyas were not traveling on the prescribed route, the Kanwariyas were not ready to listen to the Muslim women. As soon as the news came, the police reached the spot, and the case was solved.

The Kanwariyas were not ready to return at any cost

Let me tell you, Muslim women stopped the Kanwariyas who arrived with water at Ibrahimpur village Sonakpur police station in Bilari, Moradabad. The women placed large cots on the road and positioned themselves behind him. Muslim women did this so that the Kanwariyas could not get out that way. The women alleged that the kanwariyas did not go through the prescribed route. There has been much debate and fuss about this for a long time. The Kanwariyas were not ready to return at any cost. At the same time, the women who blocked the road were not ready to open the road.

The police pacified both sides

The police were notified when they saw the deteriorating environment. After which the police and administration officials immediately reached Ibrahimpur on the spot. SDM and CO Bilari held a meeting with both sides. Even during this, both parties were not ready to listen to each other. Muslim women and kanwariyas were adamant on their respective insistence. After much effort, the police persuaded both parties and settled the case.

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