MiG21 Squadron will retire Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down Pakistani fighter plane – रिटायर हो जाएगा MIG-21 स्क्वाड्रन, विंग कमांडर अभिनंदन ने इसी से खाक में मिलाया था पाकिस्तानी लड़ाकू विमान

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  • MIG-21 Squadron withdraws
  • Wing Commander Abhinandan had mixed Pakistani fighter jets with this
  • The plane has been used in many wars

The Indian Air Force is set to retire its MiG-21 Squadron Sword Arms fighter jet. According to a report, this aircraft will be retired in the last week of September 2022. In this way, MiG has done many feats while in the Indian Air Force, but in February 2019, when the Indian Air Force conducted the Balakot air strike, this fighter jet played an important role in it. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman merged Pakistan’s F-16 modern fighter with his MiG-21 in that airstrike.

Three squadrons will retire in 2025

The Sword Arms MiG-21 is one of the four squadrons of the IAF. As per the IAF’s plan, the squadron stationed in Srinagar will be retired in the last week of September 2022. While the remaining three squadrons will be phased out by 2025. You will recall that when the Air Force bombed Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist camps in Balakot Air Strike on 26 February 2019 and destroyed them, Pakistan’s fighter jets tried to avenge them on 27 February to retaliate on the Indian border. But the Indian Air Force gave a befitting reply to this and ran their fighter jets. But during this time, Wing Commander Abhinandan’s plane crashed and he was captured by the Pakistan Army. But due to pressure from India, Pakistan handed over Wing Commander Abhinandan to India in just 60 hours.

Many times the MiG was the victim of the accident

From 1963 to 2022, more than 400 planes have crashed, in which more than 200 soldiers have lost their lives. Due to these accidents, this plane is called by the name Flying Coffin or Widow Maker, that is, in simple language, you understand that this ship is a coffin. Talking about the latest reports, this jet has crashed for the 8th time in 9 years only in Barmer district.

Used in these wars

Once upon a time, hostile countries used to tremble at the power of this plane. Its attack was such an ambush that the enemies could raise their hands in advance. This aircraft was first used in 1965 but the real power of this aircraft was seen in the 1971 war when this ship got rid of Pakistan’s sixes.

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