Manipur Landslide 11 people of Assam killed in landslide in Manipur 10 still missing

Manipur Landslide- India TV Hindi
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Manipur landslide


  • A total of 47 people have died in landslides so far.
  • Another 14 people are still missing from the scene
  • Five people in Assam have been rescued safely

Manipur Landslide: Assam’s death toll in a massive landslide in Manipur’s Noni district has so far risen to 11, while at least 10 others from the state are still missing. An official provided this information Tuesday. He said the bodies of ten people have been cremated at their home, while another body has not yet been returned to Assam.

The state government has compiled a list of 26 people from the state working on the Tupul Railway Yard construction site at the time of the June 29 landslide. “Of these 26 people, the bodies of 11 have been found and five have been rescued safely. The remaining ten people are still missing,” the official said. A total of 47 people have so far been confirmed dead in the landslide, while another 14 people are still missing from the scene. Meanwhile, two more bodies were brought to Morigaon on Tuesday, which was cremated.

Morigaon Deputy Commissioner PR Gharfalia said: “Just eight victims from our district have been brought here so far and their last rituals have been performed.” He said the bodies of two Assam victims were found on Monday, one of them from Morigaon. Gharfalia said: “The identity of the other has not yet been established as the body is badly decomposed.”

21 people from Morigaon were at the scene of the accident, five of whom were rescued. He was taken back to Assam on Monday and is currently being treated at the civilian hospital in Morigaon.

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