Mangaluru auto blast a terrorist act explosion in pressure cooker filled explosives

Car blast took place in Mangaluru, Karnataka - India TV Hindi News

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Car blast took place in Mangaluru, Karnataka

Mangaluru Auto Blast: A big conspiracy has been exposed regarding the car blast in Mangaluru, Karnataka. The DGP of Karnataka has said that the car blast in Mangaluru was not a normal incident but the entire incident was carried out during a terrorist conspiracy. The NIA team has reached the spot a little before now to investigate the accident. There was an explosion last night in which two people were injured. According to the Karnataka DGP, the aim was to create chaos through the blast.

The incident was carried out during the terrorist conspiracy

As this blast took place yesterday, immediately after that the forensic team reached the spot and on the basis of preliminary investigations, it has become clear that this incident is not an ordinary incident. On the contrary, this incident has been carried out during the terrorist conspiracy. Home Minister Araga Gyanendra said the Karnataka police has launched a thorough investigation into the autorickshaw blast incident in Mangaluru. It is suspected that this is a terrorist incident. The Central Investigation Team will also be involved along with the State Police.

There were explosives in the stove, the Aadhaar card was also fake
It is learned that the main defendant in the case is a passenger in the car. He was carrying a pressure cooker which was packed with explosives which exploded. He is injured and is being treated at the hospital. The Aadhaar card obtained by the police from this passenger is fake and has the details of another person. The police have traced the person to whom this Aadhaar card belongs. At present, Aadhaar has not been found involved in any terrorist incident. The police are busy finding out the real identity of the accused and investigating the accused’s background.

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