Konark Sun Temple: कोणार्क के सूर्य मंदिर का क्या है इंटरोपोल से कनेक्शन, जानें रथ के पहियों का राज

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Temple of the Sun


  • 195 countries affiliated to Interpol will hold General Assembly in India
  • After 25 years, the meeting will be held with the efforts of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah
  • Interpol logo made of eyeglass wheels

Konark Sun Temple: What is the connection between Interpol and the famous 13th century sun temple in Konark, perhaps not many people know about it. After all, what is there in the Konark temple that Interpol’s wires are connected to. If you don’t know then let us give you complete information about this.

In fact, the figure inspired by the chariot wheel of the Sun Temple will be the logo for Interpol’s 90th General Assembly. Interpol officials have provided this information. Law enforcement officials from 195 countries are expected to attend the General Assembly next month. Officials said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is organizing the AGM, recently unveiled its logo, which is a circular shape with three leaves with a ‘wheel’ in the centre. The CBI is India’s national liaison agency with Interpol.

Why did the CBI get the idea of ​​the people from the wheel in the Sun Temple?

The idea for CBI to design this logo came from the wheels of the carved Sun Temple in Odisha which has 16 spokes. This temple is built with stone in the shape of a chariot of the Sun God. “When it comes to Interpol’s engagement and commitment, the ‘Konark Wheel’ in this logo serves to inspire the global body’s round-the-clock functioning and is surrounded by a circular shape with three leaves,” an official said. It bears the colors of the Indian flag.” He said the three-circled circular shape reflects the building of international bonds through Interpol, a firm commitment to protecting security globally and achieving law enforcement goals.

This meeting is being held after a long time due to the efforts of Prime Minister Modi and the Union Minister
Officials said India had organized the event in 1997. Since then, the event has not been held again. He said the country has got an opportunity to organize the Mahasabha again due to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, who wanted it to be held in the country in the 75th anniversary year of India’s independence. The General Assembly is an annual event organized by each member state in turn. Union Home Minister Shah had mooted the idea of ​​holding this General Assembly in India this year in the global security calendar during a meeting with the then Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock, who met him on August 30, 2019.

The purpose is to keep an eye on fleeing criminals, terrorists
He said the three-day event, starting on October 18, will include cooperation between police in various countries to track corruption and cybercrime, child sexual abuse material circulating on the Internet, missing persons and terrorism besides fugitives criminals all over the world. the focus will be on new technologies and mechanisms for improvement.

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