Kerala News Controversy erupted after Kozhikode Mayor Bina Philip participation in RSS event- RSS के आयोजन में शामिल हुईं मेयर तो छिड़ा विवाद, अब माकपा ने उनके बयान से किया किनारा

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  • The Congress allegation shows the collusion between the CPI(M)-BJP
  • North Indians take better care of children than Kerala: Mayor
  • ‘The mayor’s speech while attending the RSS event is not correct’

Kerala News: Kerala’s Kozhikode Mayor Bina Philippe has sparked controversy in Kerala after she attended an event organized by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as part of the upcoming Sri Krishna Jayanti celebrations. The opposition Congress has claimed it shows collusion between the ruling Communist Party of India (CPI-M) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

On Sunday, Mayor Philip attended an event in Balagokulam, an organization under the RSS, and gave a speech in which he said that North Indians take better care of children than Kerala. As controversy erupted over Philips’ participation in the event, the ruling CPI(M) issued a statement condemning the mayor, saying his remarks were completely unacceptable.

‘The speech given while you were participating in the program was incorrect’

In a statement, the CPI(M) said, “The speech delivered by the Mayor of Kozhikode Municipal Corporation Bina Philip while attending an event organized by an organization under the RSS was not correct. The Mayor’s stand on the particular issue was taken by the party. CPI (M) cannot accept that. The party has decided to publicly condemn the mayor’s position.”

‘Statements were distorted with malicious intent’

Meanwhile, the mayor told the media that his statements were twisted with malicious intent. Leader of the Opposition VD Satheshan said the Left Front government has lost its left-wing identity and the front’s allies are also unhappy with such a development.

Congress leader Satishan said – Why is CPI(M) silent now?

Congress leader Satishan said, “Why is the CPI(M) silent now? They recently made a big issue by taking out an old photo of me in which I had published a book on Swami Vivekananda. The Mayor said that his party has not allowed anyone to do such a thing. He has not been banned from participating in any program. That means he participated in the program with information from the party.”

‘North Indians take better care of children’

In his speech, Philip said that the care of children in Kerala is not as good as it is in North India. In his speech on Sunday, he had said, “Low mortality does not mean childcare is good. For this we have to learn to love our children as North Indians.” Philip had said that Keralites are selfish towards their children and treat other children differently, but in North India every child is treated equally.

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