Jammu Kashmir News Mufti Nauman slaps a person for asking question about Islam, video went viral on social media-मुफ्ती नौमान ने इस्लाम के बारे में सवाल पूछने पर एक व्यक्ति को मारा थप्पड़, सोशल मीडिया

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  • The incident is being told on July 14th.
  • Mufti Nauman had erroneously said that the Barelvi priests were infidels
  • Islamic experts have so far banned any comments or statements in the case.

Jammu Kashmir News: A video is getting more and more viral on social media where Mufti Nauman from Srinagar is seen beating a person. In fact, the person had asked a question about Islam in which Mufti Nauman became furious and he beat the person. After the video went viral, many Ulema and Islamic scholars, including Grand Mufti J&K, condemned it, saying that Islam does not teach to hurt anyone.

The victim’s name is Raees Ahmed.

After the video went viral, we were told that the victim is a resident of Kokernag in the Anantnag district and his name is Raees Ahmed. Speaking to India TV, Raees Ahmed said this was his second meeting with Mufti Nauman. First, Mufti Nauman was invited to speak on the similarity between the religious question of Barelvi and Deoband, which was happily concluded.

The second meeting took place on 14 July.

Raees said this was our second meeting on July 14 in a mosque in Hakura Anatnag where Mufti Nauman had invited me along with my two other friends. According to Raees, Mufti Nauman violated the Barelvi priests and called them infidels. When I protested, the mufti lost control and hit me, then pulled me out of the mosque.

“Islam does not learn to insult or humiliate anyone”

Raees further said that Islam does not teach us to hurt or humiliate anyone, so Maulvi Nauman should apologize in front of everyone and accept his mistakes. Many people came and asked me to register an FIR against Maulvi Nauman and file a case of insult, but my teachers said that you do not do it personally and we will resolve it peacefully.

Raees demanded that “Now I want Maulvi Nauman to apologize and accept what he did.”

Mufti Nauman teaches the Quran in Srinagar

According to Raees, Mufti Nauman comes from the Baramulla district and teaches the Koran in Srinagar. Raees further said that Mufti Nauman has been in the news in the past due to many controversial statements. Let us tell you that after the viral video and Mufti Nauman’s statement appeared, Nauman’s phone is constantly turned off.

According to the information, many major Islamic experts in Kashmir have stopped making any comments or statements in this matter so far so that no strife of any kind escalates.

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