Hollywood की Forrest Gump का सस्ता adaptation है आमिर खान की Laal Singh Chaddha

Released in theaters on August 11, the film also made 12 crores on its opening day, but in one line, it looks like Bollywood needs a lot of introspection.

Some say Aamir Khan’s last best performance was Dangal. For me it was Ghajini. But since then I don’t know what happened to Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan has been given the title ‘Mr Perfect’ in Bollywood, we expect better from him. Laal Singh Chaddha is the Hindi adaptation of the cult film Forrest Gump. In 1994, Robert Zemeckis’ Forrest Gump was an emotional film with technical magic, winning numerous awards and proving a milestone in cinema around the world. After nearly three decades, Aamir Khan has remade the film in Hindi and also presented it in regional languages.

The film was released in theaters on August 11 and also made 12 crores on opening day, but in one line it really starts to feel like Bollywood needs a lot of introspection. The makers of the film have forgotten about the Indian audience. After all, what kind of films do the Indian public want to see? This question has come up again after seeing the movie Lal Singh Chaddha. As asked on social media to boycott the film, after seeing the film, it turned out that a boycott was not necessary. There is nothing in the film that one should go to the cinema to watch on the weekend.

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The story of the film belongs to Lal Singh Chaddha, who lives in a town far from Pathankoth city. Lal Singh Chaddha means Aamir Khan. Lal has been a bit slow-witted since childhood and there are also problems with his feet, but his mother, Mona Singh, convinces her son that he is absolutely normal. Mona tells her Lal that this little foot problem will one day get better on its own. God will make everything right. Mona tells her son about the miracle of God. On the other hand, Lal Singh Chaddha loves a girl since childhood but the girl (Rupa-Kareena Kapoor) keeps Lal in the friend zone. Lal and Roopa are talking one day when Roopa tells Lal to run away. While running, Lal’s feet get well and slowly start to run fast. Because of his fast gait, he later joins the army.

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Lal still loves Roopa with all his heart and soul. Roopa still considers Lal her boyfriend. Lal meets Naga Chaitanya in his camp. It is from here that Lal’s participation in Kargil Ki Boykai is also shown. A lot happens in the movie. Death of Indira Gandhi, Emergency situation, Kargil war, Mumbai riots, BJP’s arrival after Congress government, 26/11 terror attack, Anna Hazare’s fast and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which determines the film’s journey. The story progresses.

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