Ghaziabad News Slapping on the middle road in ghaziabad, the police lost their sweat after seeing the girls’ ruckus

Battle of the middle ground in ghaziabad-Indian TV Hindi
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Blow on the middle road in ghaziabad


  • The girls hit the boy violently when the scooter collided
  • Helmet attacked the young man’s head
  • A fight with the police that came to the rescue

Ghaziabad news: In the Ghaziabad district of UP, there was so much commotion after the girls’ scooty collided that the police also escaped. The case concerns Sanjaynagar Sector-23 in Madhuban Bapudham. Where two girls driving Scooty beat a boy violently after a collision. The girls also beat his friends, who came to save the young man. When police arrived at the scene to intervene, the girls also joined them and fled the scene. Therefore, the police could not catch them. The video of this riot has appeared, now on the basis of the video the police are talking about tracking them down.

Helmet attacked the head of the youth

The video shows girls hitting the young man in the head with helmets. In this, two policemen from the UP-112 vehicle reached there. When the police tried to intervene, the girls also started dealing with them. There were no female police officers on the scene, so the male police officers could not catch the girls. At the time of the incident, a large number of people gathered there, but because they were girls, no one could intervene. During this, many people tried to convince her, but she did not agree.

Girls also manipulated the police

According to the information received, the girls had come to shop at the market in the evening. During this, his scooty collided with a boy’s bicycle. On which the first argument started when one saw it, the case reached a fight. During this, the girls attacked the boy with the helmet. The people present at the scene saw the case escalate, police said. As soon as the information was received, the police arrived and tried to convince both parties, but the agitated girls started a fight with the police and when they saw the opportunity, both girls fled from there.

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