Encounter in UP’s Bijnor, two miscreants arrested, one shot, one constable also injured

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  • Meeting in UP’s Bijnor
  • One perpetrator was shot, one soldier was also wounded
  • The police arrested two perpetrators

Meeting in UP: An assailant was shot dead and a constable was also injured in an encounter between police and assailants in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Both have been hospitalized. At the same time, the police have arrested two perpetrators. The case is in Mandawar police station area of ​​the district. Additional Police Inspector (City) Dr. Praveen Ranjan told Bhasha that around 22.45 on Saturday evening, information was received about suspected perpetrators who were roaming in the police control room, after which the police started the investigative operation. He said that around 12:45 PM in the Mandawar area of ​​the police station, when the police tried to stop a car coming from Chandak near the Harihar Nagar police station on the Mandawar-Bijnor road, the miscreants in the car started running away while firing against the police.

Two pistols with 315 bores and 6 cartridges were found

Meanwhile, the car got unbalanced and fell into a ditch at the Inam Pura turn. The police retaliated and arrested two perpetrators. He said that during the encounter, a madman Akbar and constable Arun, a resident of Amroha, were shot. Both have been admitted to the district hospital for treatment. Ranjan said that apart from the car, two pistols of 315 bore and six live cartridges were recovered from the perpetrators. He told that the name of the other criminal caught is Usman who is a resident of Hamza Masjid Katghar, Moradabad.

Four cases of robbery registered against injured villain Akbar

The car was booked on July 23 from Zaheer in Patiya Pada to Kaliyar Sharif in Chandpur and robbed the car on the way, after feeding Zaheer with drugs at night and throwing him in a bush, the official said. According to the police, four cases of robbery have been registered against the injured villain Akbar. The police are investigating the perpetrators’ criminal history.

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