Election Commission proposes amend code on election announcements opinion sought from political parties-चुनावी घोषणाओं पर निर्वाचन आयोग का संहिता में संशोधन का प्रस्ताव, राजनीतिक दलों से मांगी राय

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Delhi News: In the middle of the ongoing debate in the country about free election gifts, the electoral commission has put forward a proposal to amend the Model Election Act to the political parties. Under this, the commission has sought the opinion of political parties to provide authentic information to voters about the financial viability of election promises. In a letter to all recognized parties at the national and state levels, the commission has asked them to share their views by October 19. The Election Commission said it cannot ignore inadequate information on election promises and undue influence on the financial position as hollow election promises would have far-reaching consequences.

Money must be spent on making facilities available to the public

According to the letter, the commission said: “The election manifestos should clearly state that for the sake of transparency, fairness and credibility of the promises, it should be known how and through which the financial requirement will be met.” According to the proposed amendment to the Commission’s Model Election Code, election manifestos must reflect the rationale for election promises. Responding to the Election Commission’s proposal, the AAP said governments should use taxpayers’ money not to benefit politicians, their family members and friends, but to provide amenities to the public. The party said it is the “primary responsibility” of any government to provide electricity, water, schools and other facilities to the people.

‘Aam Aadmi Party will retain its views’

Asked about the party’s stand on the commission’s proposal, party national spokesperson Atishi said, “The Aam Aadmi Party will present its views (to the Election Commission).” The day before, the Prime Minister had taken a dig at some political parties, referring to the “Rewari culture”. After this, a debate started between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition parties regarding this. The proposed format for declaration of election promises made by political parties seeks to standardize the nature of information, making facts comparable. It is mandatory to declare the financial consequences of the pledges and the availability of financial resources in the proposed format. Through the reform proposal, the Electoral Commission aims to inform voters about the financial viability of election promises made in the manifesto and whether they are within the financial capacity of the state or the state.

Suggested Format for Detailing Financial Needs

The commission has also proposed a format for political parties to provide details of the financial requirements associated with the promises in the election manifesto. It has said that if the political parties’ responses do not come within the stipulated time frame, it will be assumed that they have nothing specific to say on the subject. The Commission has said that the prescribed format, nature of information and standardization for comparison of information is necessary. The Election Commission also said that voters would be able to make choices when they have enough information about the financial implications of the promises made. The commission also said it cannot ignore insufficient information on election promises and undue influence on the financial position. The commission said that most of the political parties do not provide the details of election notifications to it on time.

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