delhi Shraddha Murder Case Where is Aftab house-आफताब का घर बन गया टूरिस्ट स्पॉट! कॉलोनी में लगी रहती है बच्चों की भीड़, सभी पूछते हैं पता…

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Shraddha murder case

Every day Aftab makes new revelations in the Shraddha murder case. At the same time, the police are investigating this case from all angles. Police are engaged in collecting concrete evidence from Mehrauli forests for other states of the country. Everyone is shocked to hear Aftab’s strange revelations. The manner in which revelations come forth again and again in this case creates an interest among the people. Everyone wants to know what will happen next? What new revelation did Aftab make now? As the case progresses, many secrets are revealed. Shraddha’s case is solved completely as mysterious incidents. No one knows what will happen next.

crime scene or tourist spot

The case has attracted so much interest that there are some school children who visit Aftab’s house to see it. In such a situation, it seems that Aftab’s house has not become a crime scene but a tourist spot. In addition to the children, the women in the neighborhood also ask about the address of Aftab’s house. People who live on the street are asked where is street number one? Means the same address where Aftab’s house is. This process continued for two days after the incident, but after some time, the police took action.

What was the whole thing?
Aftab and Shraddha both lived in Mumbai. After this both shifted to Delhi. Shraddha went against her parents and started living with Aftab in Delhi. Both lived in Mehrauli, Delhi in a live-in relationship. Meanwhile, what started to be heard between the two, Aftab told that nothing was going right between us. We used to fight about money. Aftab reveals that the fight had reached such an extent that they had made a plan to kill Shraddha. We had made a plan on 11th May but today’s plan failed but we killed Shraddha on 18th May. He further revealed that the dead body was cut into 35 pieces and kept in the refrigerator. After this he used to cast every day in the Mehrauli forests. The police are now investigating the whole matter.

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