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  • 06:53 (IST)
    Posted by Vineet Kumar

    Four arrested for ‘volting’ a model in a car in Kerala

    Four people, including a woman, have been detained in connection with the alleged rape of a 19-year-old model in a moving car in Kerala’s Kochi. This was announced by the police on Friday. According to police, three men from Kodungallur allegedly sexually assaulted the girl, a resident of Kasaragod, in their vehicle on Thursday evening. He said that the victim, who lives in Kakkanad town, was invited by one of her Rajasthani female friends to a DJ party and introduced her to these people.

    Later, after being drunk, the accused took the model in their vehicle and ‘gang-raped’ her. A senior police officer said, “Medical evidence suggests that she was injured. After committing the crime, people dropped the victim at Kakkanad. The case came to light after a private hospital informed the police where the victim was admitted this morning by her partner.”