Bigg Boss 16 : हिंसा के आरोप में बिग बॉस ने किया था अर्चना को आउट, अब फिर हो सकती है एंट्री

In Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam was shown the way out by the makers for indulging in violence with Shiv Thackeray. But now it is believed that the producers can bring them back in the house. A picture of Archana is going viral where she is seen in Saturday Ka Vaar.

Recently, a major twist was seen in Bigg Boss 16 when the makers threw out the house member, Archana Gautam on allegations of violence with Shiv Thackeray. However, it is believed that the makers may bring back Archana.

know what was the matter

In fact, in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ there were tasks going on with the new captain due to which the atmosphere in the house was heated. During the task, Archana hid the tissue boxes due to which the members of the house created a lot of ruckus. This commotion increased so much that Archana and Shiva had a fierce fight. There was also a brawl between the matches between the two. In fact, Shiva and Archana used very sharp words to each other. Archana felt bad about Shiva’s words and lost her temper. Not only this, Archana even grabbed hold of Shiva’s neck. Seeing this, the family members got furious and demanded Bigg Boss to remove them from the house. According to the information, which gave a strong reaction to this matter, Bigg Boss threw Archana out of the house overnight.

Fans returned happiness

Now, it is believed that the makers have decided to bring Archana back in the house. Fans are very happy after this decision. Fans say that the makers have not decided to remove Archana from the show. Fans are now saying that Queen is returning to the Bigg Boss house. In fact, it is believed that Salman Khan himself will talk to Archana and explain her and then she will return home. Archana’s fans are overjoyed to see her back in the house.

Fans were furious at being made homeless

Her fans were furious after Archana was evicted from the house, the effect of which was seen on social media. Let us tell you, Archana was seen quite active in this season compared to other contestants. Not only this, she left no stone unturned to entertain people everyday.

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