Bigg Boss 16 : शालीन भनोट और MC स्टेन के बीच बिग बॉस के घर में हुई हाथापाई, सलमान खान ने सुंबुल की लगाई क्लास

Shaleen Bhanot and MC Stan had a tough fight after the task in the Bigg Boss house. The match was such that there was a fight between Shaleen and Stan. During this, Shiv Thackeray came in the middle to calm down the fight and he also became a part of the fight between the two. Other members of the house including Sajid Khan pacified the fight between the two. This large fight inside the house took place a day before Friday’s attack. Now this weekend, Salman Khan will show the mirror to both the contestants in this whole issue.

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What did Salman Khan say?
Colors has released the promo of Friday’s War. During this, Salman Khan can be seen taking classes from Shaleen Bhanot and SC Stan. In the promo, you can see that Salman Khan angrily takes off his jacket and tells Shaleen that ‘Shaleen kya chahte ho Bigg Boss MC Stan ko aapke hawale kar dene’. Salman Khan will decide who is right and who is wrong between the two on Weekend Ka Vaar.

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Salman Khan took Sumbul’s class
A video of Sumbul Taukeer has also been released by Colors. The video of Friday’s war has been released on Colors’ social media where Salman Khan can be seen telling Sumbul that he is tied with Shaleen Bhanot. Salman Khan says that Sumbul is so upset with Shaleen that she didn’t allow Tina Dutt to talk to Shaleen for 5 minutes.
There was a big fight in the house
To save Sajid Khan’s captaincy inside the house, Bigg Boss had given a task in which Sajid Khan’s team won, but Shiv raised his doubts about Shaleen Bhanot’s loyalty towards his team. Shaleen was saddened by this. During this night, Tina gets injured on the leg, after which Shaleen shows her concern, and only then does MC Stan also reach out to inquire about Tina’s well-being, only then does a series of abuses take place between the two, and this series comes to a fight . . In such a situation, Bigg Boss will do the work of seeing who raised his hand first and who later. All will be exposed on Friday’s Vaar.

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