Bhagvant Maan government is strict on the increasing gun culture in Punjab now if guns are shown in the songs it can be expensive पंजाब में बढ़ते गन कल्चर पर मान सरकार सख्त

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Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann

Songs from the Punjabi music industry often come into controversy for flaunting weapons. The songs are also surrounded by the growing gun culture in the state of Punjab. Now the Bhagwant Mann government has taken many major steps to curb the growing gun culture in the state. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has issued strict orders regarding possession and display of arms.

In the order issued by the government, it has been said that the gun will not be displayed online or offline. Songs that glorify weapons or violence will be strictly prohibited. In addition to this, all the weapons permits issued so far will be reviewed within three months. Any license found to be unnecessary upon review may be revoked.

Licenses are only granted on the recommendation of the DM

According to the order issued by the government, no new license will be given to any person unless the DM personally recommends it. Apart from this, shooting at a wedding or other events will be considered a crime. Violators of the rules will be prosecuted and strict action will be taken.

The CM had also warned singers earlier

Along with this, raids will be conducted from time to time to check the gun culture. Along with this, if someone makes hate speech against a society, then the police will also take strict action against him. Let us tell you that in May Chief Minister Mann himself had warned the singers who used to talk about arms or weapons in their songs. He had condemned the gun culture in Punjab and asked people not to try to incite enmity and violence in the community through his songs.

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