Bakrid 2022 Appeal made to mosques on Eid Do not share photos of sacrifice on social media । बकरीद पर मस्जिदों से की गई अपील – कुर्बानी के फोटो सोशल मीडिया पर न करें शेयर

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Bakrid 2022: The festival in Bakrid is celebrated with great pomp and pomp throughout the country. There is a huge crowd of worshipers in mosques and Idgahs. The space in Idgah was reduced due to the large assembly of worshipers of Sunni Masjid located outside Bandra station in Mumbai. After which, police arranged for the worshipers to pray on the road outside Bandra police station.

Police offered Namaz on the road outside Bandra station

In fact, after 2 years, Bakrid is being celebrated all over the country in this way. Because of this, a large crowd of Namazis gathered outside the mosque. After which the Mujud police on the spot provided a place to pray outside the station. By tying the road with ropes, the police made room so Namaz could be offered there. In addition to this, a large number of police were also deployed on the spot. After the namaz, people from the mosque were also asked to follow the guidelines given by the government for today’s sacrifice. In the debate, people were asked not to post the picture or video of the sacrifice on social media, and it was described as un-Islamic.

Police exercise special caution outside Fatehpuri Masjid

At the same time, Eid prayers were read peacefully in the Fatehpuri Masjid in Delhi. Here, too, thousands of worshipers gathered here to pray. After receiving threats to kill Dr. Mufti M. Mukarram, the mosque’s Shahi imam on Friday, kept the police administration taking special precautions here, keeping an eye on the area with drones, etc. Also heavy police force was deployed here to avoid any unwanted incident.

At the same time, before Bakrid, there was a boycott of Hindu shops at the Eid festival on social media, which was clearly rejected here. While buying candy from a Hindu store owner’s store, a Namaji told that Boycott is completely wrong, the whole country has to move together. These days, some people create such an environment that both communities keep fighting with each other. Which is completely wrong. Together we all need to eliminate such enemies of humanity from society and cooperate on the development and progress of the country.

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