Ashok Gehlot Rajasthan CM attacks former cji ranjan gogoi “चार जजों ने कहा था लोकतंत्र खतरे में है, फिर उनमें से एक CJI बन गए और अब सासंद,” गहलोत का रंजन गोगोई पर हमला

Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot - India TV Hindi News
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Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot


  • Gehlot’s statement on previous Supreme Court rulings
  • Gehlot said – Was Gogoi fine before, or is he fine now?
  • Rajasthan CM said – I do not know how my government survived

Ashok Gehlot: Rajasthan Chief Justice Ashok Gehlot made a major statement on Saturday regarding the country’s former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Ashok Gehlot said that 4 judges from the Supreme Court had said that democracy is in danger, and later one of them, Ranjan Gogoi, became the country’s chief judge. Gehlot further said that I had asked the president if Gogoi was fine before, or is he fine now?

Gehlot said – this is beyond my comprehension

Rajasthan CM and senior congressman spoke at the inaugural session of the two-day convention of the 18th All India Legal Services Authorities. Supreme Court Justice MV Raman and EU Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju were also present at the conference. During this, Gehlot said that a few years ago, 4 judges from the Supreme Court had said that democracy is in danger, and later one of them, Ranjan Gogoi, became the country’s supreme judge. I asked the President if Gogoi was well in the past or if he is well now? This is beyond my comprehension. Then he became a Member of Parliament.

“I do not know how my government survived”
Ashok Gehlot also addressed the overthrow of the elected state governments in the country and said that the situation in the country is very fragile, we all need to think about it. In connection with the program, Ashok Gehlot said that governments are being overthrown in states like Goa, Manipur, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra. Is there democracy in the country? Gehlot further said I do not know how my government survived. I would not stand before you today. You would have met another Prime Minister today.

“Even after taking the oath, we are ‘right-left’ so …”
In the program organized in Jaipur, Gehlot said: “We repeatedly say that there is tension in the country, there is an atmosphere of violence. This should not happen. Democracy rests on tolerance. Tolerance is the jewel of democracy, which is lacking today.” He said: “Be it the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister, if he says anything, the country will listen. Then the Prime Minister should not say that there must be brotherhood, love-love, goodwill in the country, and violence can not be tolerated at any cost. ” Gehlot asked Rijiju, who is sitting on the stage, to convey this feeling to Prime Minister Modi.

Gehlot said that MPs, MPs, ministers, prime ministers, prime ministers and judges, we all take the oath. Even if you take the basic spirit of the oath, do not deviate from it (right and left), even then the work will be done. Even after taking the oath, if we are ‘right-left’, then the balance is disturbed.

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