6 prisoners who ran away from jail caught by mob 4 were beaten to death West Jaintia Hills News – भीड़ के हत्थे चढ़े जेल से भागे 6 कैदी… 4 को पीट-पीट कर उतारा मौत के घाट

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West Jaintia Hills

Four of the six remand prisoners who had escaped from Meghalaya’s Jowai jail were lynched to death by a mob at Shangpung in West Jaintia Hills district on Sunday. Police officials said a mob of locals, mostly youths, brutally thrashed four prisoners armed with wooden sticks at the scene. In fact, 6 examinees escaped from Jowai prison after attacking the prison guards late on Saturday night and evaded them and took shelter in the forest. On Sunday, the refugees came out of their hiding place and started looking for food when people recognized them and attacked them, a police officer said.

An escaped prisoner (Ramesh Dakhar) managed to escape the wrath of the mob and the sixth prisoner was nowhere to be seen at the time of the incident. Those killed by the mob include Talang, who was arrested along with Dakhar last month in connection with the alleged murder of two taxi drivers. A massive manhunt was underway to capture the remaining two.

Mob killings have taken place in the country

There have been many cases of mob lynching in India. A similar incident happened in Bihar recently where the mob itself became a court and passed the verdict. In fact, in Kasma police station area of ​​Aurangabad district, a youth was beaten to death by the villagers for alleged theft. The police are now investigating the whole case.

A police official said on Thursday that it is alleged that a person entered Bigu Choudhary’s house in Mahuain village on Wednesday evening with the intention of stealing. When there was a sound in the night, the owner of the house woke up and was told that a thief was stealing. When they made a commotion, the people gathered around and caught the young man. The villagers beat up the captured youth.

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