छात्र की मौत से एक बार फिर राजस्थान में दलितों की स्थिति उजागर हो गयी है

This is not the first time that a dalit has been molested in Rajasthan. In the past too, Rajasthan has been in the limelight for such cases at the national and international levels. Dalit bridegroom is being removed from the horse. Dalits should not be allowed to draw water from public wells in villages.

Congress’s Ashok Gehlot government has come under fire over the alleged death of a Dalit student after he was beaten up for drinking water from a pitcher in Sura village of Rajasthan’s Jalore district. At the national level, this matter has become a thread around the neck of the Gehlot government. The state of the Gehlot government is such that it can neither spit nor swallow on this issue. Opposition parties and Dalit organizations are opening a front against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over the death of a student after his teacher thrashed him for drinking water from a vessel. The visit of Dalit leaders and leaders of political parties from across the country to Surana, the village of deceased student Inder Kumar, has added to the Gehlot government’s woes. However, the police have arrested the accused teacher and others in the case. The Gehlot government has also given compensation to the families of the deceased. However, Chief Minister Gehlot could not give up his pursuit in this matter.

This is not the first time that a dalit has been molested in Rajasthan. In the past too, Rajasthan has been in the limelight for such cases at the national and international levels. Dalit bridegroom is being removed from the horse. Dalits should not be allowed to draw water from public wells in villages. Rajasthan has often faced the stigma of molestation and rape of Dalit women, discrimination against Dalit students in schools. The most famous of them was the Bhanvari Devi incident in Jaipur district. Social activist Bhanwari Devi was raped by the thugs of the village for teaching her a lesson. The case made headlines in the international media.

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Actually Rajasthan has been a state of kings and princes. During that time incidents of atrocities on Dalits were considered normal. After independence, even though this desert region was ruled by the Congress for most of the time, the implementation of the Act did not change the status of Dalits much. Congress has been calling itself the well-wisher of Dalits since the beginning. While most atrocities and atrocities on Dalits have also happened under Congress rule. Even now there is a Congress government in Rajasthan. Despite this, cases of atrocities against Dalits continue to dominate at the national and international levels. The law may have been made for Dalits, but the mentality has not changed much. There have also been incidents of attacks on Dalits and setting fire to their houses, shutting off their hookahs and water in villages. In such cases, the role of the police and the administration has always been like a blindfolded quail. Since the matter is related to votes and politics, even the officials wait for action until there is a signal from the government or there is no big uproar.

More or less the same is happening in the case of the death of a Dalit student. Earlier, an attempt was made to call the student’s death normal. The government-administrative system came into action after the matter became acute. After which action was taken against the accused. Currently, there is a lot of politics going on on this issue. The Congress and the opposition parties are bent on proving themselves anti-welfare of Dalits and others. Dalit organizations and Dalit leaders also do not miss a dip in the flowing Ganga of votes. The Congress government is trying to prevent the issue from spreading in any way, as it threatens to polarize the state’s Dalit vote bank. This was the reason why Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad was not allowed by the police to visit the deceased’s village. A Congress Dalit MLA resigned in protest against the death of a school student, creating a new problem for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Dalits are the traditional vote bank of Congress. Due to this incident, there is a possibility of a hole in it.

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It is not that only the government and the local administration are responsible for the atrocities and atrocities on Dalits in Rajasthan, the state of constitutional institutions like Human Rights and Women’s Commission is also like a puppet. After such incidents, these organizations are not activated until the government signals. In fact, political appointments are made in these institutions. Only those who deserve the grace of the Chief Minister get a place in the institutions. In such a situation, office bearers of these organizations do not have the courage to oppose the government in any way. These organs are active to protect their nose only when water passes through the head. These organizations have never made any serious efforts to enter the fray to prevent such incidents, otherwise there is no possibility of daily atrocities on dalits. There is no trace of these institutions in the government and administration. Although these organizations have no legal right to take direct action, they embarrass the government by publishing their reports. Even those with an anti-Dalit mindset have no fear of their inaction.

Dalits in Rajasthan are not only facing atrocities, but in the name of basic amenities, their condition is like cumin in a camel’s mouth. There is no dearth of such Dalit settlements in the state, where facilities like water, electricity, schools, hospitals are also not available. Due to corruption and bureaucratic inaction, the full benefits of the schemes do not reach their colonies. Despite almost Congress rule after independence, there has been no revolutionary change in the standard of living of Dalits in the state. For the Dalits, the condition of the villages is still dire. The benefits of government schemes have reached the Dalits only in form. The death of a school student by a teacher is an indication of the condition of Dalits in the state. The Congress government has no roadmap to fix it. From the current policies of the Gehlot government, it does not seem that such incidents will not recur in the future.

– Yogendra Yogi

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