गुजरात चुनाव आयोग ने पंचायत चुनाव से OBC आरक्षण हटाने का आदेश दिया। Gujarat Election Commission orders removal of OBC reservation from Panchayat elections

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Panchyat Chunaav


  • The state election commission is ordering the removal of the OBC reservation from the Panchayat election
  • In Gujarat’s panchayat election, 10% of seats are reserved for OBC communities.
  • The BJP said it would not support the order from the state election commission

OBC reservation: Referring to a recent Supreme Court ruling, the State Electoral Commission (SEC) has ordered the removal of the OBC reservation at the upcoming election for over 3,200 grams of panchayats in Gujarat. Following the order, the BJP said it would protect the rights of other backward-class (OBC) communities despite the SEC’s directive, while Congress accused the BJP government of not taking timely action. State Congress President Jagdish Thakor has now convened an emergency meeting between OBC leaders and MPs from the party in Gandhinagar on Friday to draw up a strategy on this issue.

Under Gujarat Panchayat law, 10 percent seats in gram panchayat elections are reserved for OBC communities. Earlier this month, the SEC had written to all district judges asking them to convert those 10 percent seats to regular-category seats. Referring to the Supreme Court ruling in Suresh Mahajan v State of Madhya Pradesh, the SEC said the court in May had instructed all state election commissions that instead of waiting for the reports from the OBC commissions, they should be informed of the election plan when elections are proposed. should advertise.

What was the Supreme Court decision regarding OBC reservation

The Supreme Court had in its ruling said that OBCs cannot issue reservations without triple tests. The Madhya Pradesh government conducts panchayat and city elections without OBC reservations. The court had also said that political parties want OBC candidates to contest general seats as well. In this, in the department where the number of OBCs is more, so field people of that class.

The court made it clear that our order is not only limited to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, but will also apply to the rest of the states and territories of the Union. In addition to this, the Supreme Court had also said that this decision is a preliminary ruling and no High Court will stand in the way of this ruling. The final hearing in the case will be held on July 21, before which the state election commission will conduct the election and submit the report.

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