सोनाली फोगाट मामले में सुखविंदर का नाम, परिजनों ने की उच्च स्तरीय जांच की मांग

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Sonali Phogat


  • Sukhwinder is the nephew of the martyred soldier, the village people said
  • Sukhwinder’s father works in agriculture
  • According to the wife, Sukhwinder was involved in this case.

Sonali Phogat: In the Sonali Phogat case, Sukhwinder, a resident of Mandaula village in Charkhi Dadri district of Haryana, is also in a bad shape when the family’s name comes to fore. When the family members were told about this, the family members told that Sukhwinder Sangwan is not a boy with such tendency. According to Sukhwinder’s family, they have no concrete information about the mutual contact between Sonali’s PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder. The family says there should be a high-level inquiry into the Sonali Phogat case so that the truth can be known.

Sukhwinder is nephew of martyred soldier

At the same time, the villagers told that Sukhwinder is a boy with good manners. Sukhwinder age is almost 30 years old. He has not been involved in any criminal case in the village. Sukhwinder belongs to a military family. Sukhvindra’s father works in agriculture. Sukhwinder’s grandfather Subedar is a retired major and his uncle was martyred in 2002 in Rajouri, Jammu. According to Sukhwinder’s wife, Sukhwinder has been implicated in this case. He has no concrete information about the relationship between Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder and Sukhwinder is in touch with Sonali.

Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh have been arrested

Notably, the Goa police had arrested Sukhwinder Sangwan along with his personal assistant Sudhir in connection with the death of Sonali Phogat. During the questioning, the drug dealer connection in the Phogat murder case has come to the fore. The defendant said that Sonali got medicine by putting 1.5 grams of MDMA in a bottle. While revealing about MDMA, a police officer has said that we will have it chemically tested to see what this drug was like.

Before that, the police had given a big revelation

The Goa police had revealed a major revelation regarding the death of social media star and BJP leader and Sonali Phogat. Goa Police has claimed that Sonali Phogat’s PA Sudhir Sangwan has confessed to his crime. Police said that after reaching Goa, Sukhwinder had taken Sonali to Curly restaurant in North Goa on the pretext of a party. Where he gave drugs to Sonali. After which he forced Sonali to drink that drink.

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