सोनाली फोगाट केस: जरूरत पड़ी तो सीबीआई को सौंपा जाएगा केस, गोवा के सीएम सावंत का बड़ा बयान

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Sonali Phogat


  • Three defendants were produced in court
  • The accused used to approach for drugs in hotels near the sea beach
  • A few months ago, Sudhir Sangwan came in contact with this local drug cartel.

Sonali Phogat Case: Investigation is ongoing in the Sonali Phogat case. Meanwhile, the police produced three accused in court. These three accused include Curlis Club owner Edwin and drug peddler Datta Gaonkar along with drug peddler Rama Mandrekar. According to the information, Goa Police may seek custody of the accused. Meanwhile, a big statement has come from Goa CM Sawant. In the Sonali Phogat case, Goa CM Sawant says that if necessary, the investigation will be handed over to the CBI.

Three defendants were produced in court

On the other hand, 5th arrest has also been made in Sonali Phogat drug case. The arrested accused is a drug dealer. Her name is Rama Mandrekar. The police have also presented this in court. In this way, three accused have been produced in court by the police. Rama Mandrekar used to supply drugs to Datta Prasad Gaonkar. This Datta Prasad had given MD medicine to Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder on the evening of 22nd August. This MD drug was later mixed with vodka by Sudhir and given to Sonali Phogat, after which Sonali Phogat’s condition worsened and she died.

The accused used to approach for drugs in hotels near the sea beach

Accused Rama Mandrekar, who supplied drugs to accused Datta Prasad Gaonkar, is also a resident of Anjuna in North Goa. Both Datta Prasad and Rama Mandrekar are part of the local drug cartel in Goa. Both used to approach the owners and management of all hotels and resorts in Anjuna, Shivalim, Vagatur, Asgaon, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Arambol Beach and Mahapasa Market areas for drugs.

They were only contacted when drugs were needed

Their cartel was so big and fast that if anyone needed drugs in North Goa, this cartel was contacted. Sudhir Sangwan came in contact with this local drug cartel a few months ago when he attended a party in Goa. This is where he took the numbers from this drug syndicate. Sudhir Sangwan had stayed at The Grand Leoni Resort twice before and knew Dutt Prasad Gaonkar, a sleeper cell in the drug mafia.

Datta Prasad approached Rama Mandrekar for drugs

Sudhir demanded MD drug from Datta Prasad Gaonkar who was not with Datta Prasad at that time, then Datta Prasad contacted a drug dealer named Rama Mandrekar who used to run drug business in Calangute. Rama brought this medicine from Scooty to Datta Prasad at Leoni Resort. After that, Dutt Prasad gave this medicine to Sudhir and Sukhwinder and took 6 thousand rupees.

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