सांप्रदायिक सद्भाव को मजबूत करने वाला है संघ प्रमुख मोहन भागवत का भाषण

The Sangh is often targeted for neglecting the role of women and not giving them due respect, but this time the Sangh’s Vijayadashami program featured Mount Everest conquering mountaineer Mrs Santosh Yadav as the chief guest.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s annual victory speech on Vijayadashami has not only national but also social and political significance. Sir Sanghchalak in his victory speech once again clarified the thinking of the Sangh by referring to national and international issues. Presenting his detailed view on communal harmony in the country, he not only attacked those who opposed the word Hindu, but also directly attacked the Muslim organizations that were creating an atmosphere of anarchy in the country. He has emphasized the policy of population control for the overall and rapid development of the country. Giving this victory speech, he woke up the people of the country, while he made the political parties sleepy. The government was also given guidelines for some important works. In the eyes of the Sangh, conversions and infiltrations had upset the population balance and stunted the country’s development, Bhagwat resolved to confront these problems and create a public opinion against them. He outlined some of the major challenges facing the country, about which political parties and communal organizations have raised their eyebrows.

Bhagavata’s speech of victory is a small ray, giving the light of the sun as well as the coolness of the moon. And above all, Bhagwat appeared quite satisfied with the government’s defense and economic policies, giving a clear neutral analysis of what was happening and what was to happen. He said that the confidence of the whole world has increased. India’s power has increased. India’s voice is being heard in the world. India’s prestige and credibility has increased in the world and the voice of a self-reliant India is being heard. Instead of depending on schools and colleges to make children cultured, he gave a message to make the environment of home and society healthy. Certainly, the victory cry is not a dream, which will never come true. This is a window of fresh air to make India strong and developed.

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In this year’s victory speech with several features, the Sangh president also advised the Muslim community of the country to be wary of elements spreading anarchy. Positive efforts are being made today for dialogue between the Sangh and the Muslim community. The Sangh will maintain this dialogue as there are many attempts to break the society. The Union is often targeted for neglecting the Muslim community. But it is not so. Referring to the heinous incidents that took place in many places in the country, Bhagwat urged the Muslim community to stand up against injustice, lies and atrocities. We should all stand together and abide by the constitution and strongly protest against such brutal incidents. This requires that the Union should be seen in the interest of the wider country rather than from a narrow point of view. It is also necessary that whenever any step is taken against the radical Muslim organization ‘Popular Front of India’, it should be taken positively. How can the Sangh be called anti-Muslim when Mohan Bhagwat can walk into a mosque and be addressed as ‘Father of the Nation’ by the head of the Imam’s association?

Many Muslim organizations and people agree with the nationalist ideology of the Union. The patriotism of the Union cannot be doubted at all. Be it natural calamities or times of war, every volunteer of the Union was always ready for the nation. This union is also dynamic for education, service, public welfare. This is the reason why Fathers of the Nation from Mahatma Gandhi to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had to praise the Sangh. There is a conspiracy to defame the Union unnecessarily. Sangh was banned several times by previous governments but these bans did not last long. Referring to attempts to defame the Sangh in today’s address as well, he said that the Sangh is in favor of brotherhood and peace with everyone and everywhere in the world.

The Sangh is often targeted for neglecting the role of women and not giving them due respect, but this time the Sangh’s Vijayadashami program featured Mount Everest conquering mountaineer Mrs Santosh Yadav as the chief guest. The Sangh has responded to the critics by making him the chief guest. The Sangh President said that the participation of women in the programs of the Sangh has been happening since the time of Dr. Hedgewar. From Anusuiya Kale to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, head of the Bharatiya Mahila Parishad, to Kumudatai Rangenkar, many women have participated in the Sangh’s events. It is worth mentioning that the women’s wing of the Sangh is continuously working for the empowerment of women, their education. Although the branches of the Sangh do not include women, the Sangh does not shy away from women either. Precisely because of these conditions and messages, the nationalism of the Sangh has been preserved, embellished and tested and sustained in the minds of the Indian public. Once again, Bhagwat goes beyond politics to deliver a message of uniting, empowering and building a new India, and also provides guidelines on how to shape this message.

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Sangh Pramukh Bhagwat is active, courageous, thoughtful, national warrior, social reformer and changer. They do good constructive and creative things in the interest of the country, they want change, don’t want to break the nation and unite, the good thing is that the Sangh is an aware organization and presents its point of view on every problem. Everyone has a problem in their mind and everyone has a solution in their mind. Treat one problem as your problem and one’s solution should be useful for all. In the absence of a solution, a growing problem cannot take the form of a contagion, so RSS is constantly alert to present today’s solution. That is why Mohan Bhagwat in his speech has emphasized on creating a policy of equal population. The Union chief’s speech on this issue needs to be closely understood. Even though the Union government has expressed its uncertainty about bringing a law on population control in the Supreme Court, the Union chief appeared in favor of taking immediate steps in this direction. He said that population decline will increase the number of elderly people in the country while population is considered as an asset. Population on the other hand needs resources. If population increases without creating resources, it becomes a burden. It is said that disparity in population causes changes in geographical boundaries. This is a hindrance to the country’s development, due to which poverty persists. But even such burning issues are politicized, parochialism is shown.

Like every time, this time also many doubts, curiosities and imaginations are showing their color on Mohan Bhagwat’s speech. It is not unusual for this to happen with any new trend or direction. In the eyes of some, the union has no use, while others see many new possibilities in it. Some people are dreaming of making it fail and some people are working wholeheartedly for its success. Amidst these conditions, the Sangh President emphasized the need for social equality and said that the system of temple, water, cremation ground should be one for all, it has to be ensured. Everyone should respect each other. If there is a state of division in any society, its potential cannot be fully utilized. A focus on capabilities is essential for use. Every person in society is a force in himself. Before using this power, it is necessary to integrate it. The heart of Bhagwat’s call is to strengthen the system and reshape the nation. In fact, if we want to realize our dream of making India a developed nation, we have to change our thinking and our ways. While the Union-Presidents are expressing their resolve to change and take the country forward, it is also the responsibility of the people of the country to take their part in the resolutions.

Lalit Garg

(The writer is a senior journalist and columnist)

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