श्रीलंका के लोगों को समझना होगा कि संकट से उबारने वाली संजीवनी बूटी अब भी वहीं है

In Sri Lanka, on the one hand, the skyrocketing prices of food items have broken the backs of all the people, while on the other hand, the country’s extremely poor economic condition has raised the concerns of Sri Lankan economists. The world and all its allies.

Mantras will uproot the foundations of palaces,

With the force of breath, the crown flies in the air,

People’s roads are blocked, where is the time?

Wherever she wants, time turns there.

These few lines of the national poet Ramdhari Singh’s poem ‘Dinkar’, ‘Raise the throne when it is revealed’, come to my mind many times at a time when there was a great mass revolt by the common people from any part of the country. The country or the world seems to listen. Today, these few lines of the poem ‘Dinkar’ fit perfectly on the current situation in India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was once a small island nation, a major tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world. Although Sri Lanka, like the rest of the world, has been in recession for the last few years due to the outbreak of the Koro epidemic, despite the recession, no one can say that the country has suddenly come close after a few months. Bankruptcy. Will stand up but happened. Sri Lanka is on the brink of bankruptcy after being plunged into a severe economic crisis due to the wrong economic policies and corruption of its rulers. Sri Lanka is fighting a war on the front of political and economic instability due to the short-sightedness of a few politicians in power in the country. The situation in Sri Lanka has worsened over the last few months. Now Sri Lanka’s economic situation has deteriorated to such an extent that there is a serious crisis in providing timely food and water to the common people. The situation has become so dire that black marketing and inflation have reached a peak due to the shortage of everyday commodities in the market in Sri Lanka. Today, almost all commodity prices in Sri Lanka have skyrocketed due to inflation.

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However, in the case of Sri Lanka, if we look at some statistics, in the Human Development Index for the year 2020, where India was ranked 131st in the world with a score of 0.645, Sri Lanka was ranked 72nd in the list. With a score of 0.782. That means Sri Lanka was far ahead of India in the list of 189 countries in the world. We tell you here that the Human Development Index measures 3 basic measures of human development i.e. life expectancy, education and the average achievement of countries in per capita income. If we look at its statistics, the per capita income of Sri Lanka in the year 2020 was much higher than that of India. The fact to think about is what has happened in Sri Lanka in the last two years despite such a strong position that a happy and prosperous country has suddenly come to the brink of destruction. If you look at the views of experts in the country and around the world who are watching the situation in Sri Lanka, the essence of those views is that the rulers of Sri Lanka, trapped in the clutches of familism and corruption, have created the whole story of the country’s script and its ruin. He cannot escape his responsibility by blaming any other person and country for this horrible situation. Today the whole country is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the persistent wrong economic policies and rampant corruption of the rulers who have been in the Sri Lankan government for the last few years.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his brother, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, are being blamed for this extremely worrying situation in Sri Lanka, as the ruling Rajapaksa brothers and their families were on the side of the party, the opposition and the people. No one had the strength to question him. This has led to the spread of interest towards one family instead of the interest of the country and society in the entire system from top to bottom in the long-running rule and administration of Sri Lanka and the system did not give its opinion on it. Only right and wrong decisions. Due to which the rulers became autocratic and corruption at the political level reached its peak. Today, Sri Lanka has become an example to the world of how politicians, their families, the working class and some in the system have coughed up the country’s strong roots on the basis of corruption and reached the brink of ruin. A few years. Have given. But now the situation in the country was slowly deteriorating and the problem of feeding the people against the Sri Lankan system as well as serious social, economic and governance challenges in the country were beginning to arise, but by then it was too late to control the situation. However, despite all these conditions, Sri Lanka’s political leadership remained busy issuing its Tughlaq orders. He continued to ignore the real needs of the country and the common people, which led to a mass uprising in Sri Lanka.

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Today, the Sri Lankan government is indebted to the tune of 51 51 billion due to various misguided policies of the government. The situation is such that the Sri Lankan government is completely unable to pay even its interest. Because political corruption is very prevalent in Sri Lanka. He has worked to snatch the happiness of the common people of Sri Lanka by spreading the monster like the open mouth of Surasa. Due to political and economic corruption, the rulers of Sri Lanka worked to push the economy on the path of spending only for the purpose of filling their own coffers instead of strengthening it. The Sri Lankan government had not made any concrete efforts to increase its revenue for the last two-three years, the rulers had not even cut their royal spending. In contrast, in the year 2019, to complete its democratic election announcements, tax rates were slashed by 15 per cent, which suddenly led to a huge increase in the annual income of the Sri Lankan government by about Rs 60,000. Crore. Truncated.

But the far-sighted government of Sri Lanka did not put any concrete idea on the ground to compensate for those huge losses in time. As a result, Sri Lanka today is tempted to reach out to the world for a penny. Despite the amount of aid and loans from different countries of the world, in today’s situation, the ways to save the Sri Lankan economy have now become very complicated. However, after the Corona epidemic in Sri Lanka and the terrorist attacks on churches in 2019, the interest of foreign tourists has waned, leaving the general public and government in Sri Lanka largely dependent. Tourism sector revenue. As a result, the wheel of Sri Lanka’s economic growth came to a complete halt and the country was in the throes of a severe recession.

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In Sri Lanka today, on the one hand, the sharp rise in food prices has broken the backs of all its people, on the other hand, the country’s extremely poor economic condition has raised the concerns of Sri Lankans and the country’s economists. The world and all its allies have given. The situation in Sri Lanka is such that people have to eat two meals a day due to shortage of fuel, petrol and food grains. Although Sri Lanka, being a tropical country, should never rely too much on other countries for food, its far-sighted government has never considered it.

The Rajapaksa government of Sri Lanka, which was ruining the country, was tasked with completing the task of making Sri Lanka the world’s first fully 100% organic farming country. Suddenly, without any prior preparation, in April 2021, the irrational rulers of Sri Lanka imposed a complete ban on the import of chemical fertilizers into the country to fulfill their dream of organic farming. In a country where more than 90 per cent of agriculture is entirely dependent on chemical fertilizers, the sudden ban on chemical fertilizers without any phasing was a very unwise move by the government and the system. Don’t know why the Sri Lankan rulers took the suicidal step of ruining the Sri Lankan economy overnight. With the sudden emphasis on organic farming in the country, crop yields are projected to decline sharply in the next three to four years. This decision of the hardline rulers of Sri Lanka surprised even the economists of Sri Lanka and other countries of the world. Its direct effect immediately began to have a huge impact on food production.

At the same time, due to the outbreak of war between Ukraine and Russia, the prices of all fuels and foodstuffs in the world skyrocketed, causing the prices of essential commodities to fill the stomach. All over the world in a few days 60 per cent inflation suddenly started touching the sky. In Sri Lanka, the situation was even worse. People started getting fuel, milk, rice etc. at very high prices. Due to a wrong decision of the Sri Lankan rulers, the situation suddenly became such that there was a huge gap between the country’s balance of imports and exports, which led to the government running out of foreign exchange funds very quickly. The end result of what is happening is that today the citizens of Sri Lanka are forced to go hungry.

If we look at the figures from the United Nations World Food Program, it shows that 9 out of 10 Sri Lankan families are struggling to support themselves and their families by giving up one meal. This has created such a terrible state of chaos in Sri Lanka that the Rashtrapati Bhavan has been completely taken over by the general public of Sri Lanka. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has managed to escape from the country by hiding somewhere in the Maldives. At the same time, Sri Lanka has only 25 25 million in foreign exchange reserves, which is insufficient for the import of daily necessities, which is why Sri Lanka is now importing all the daily necessities like fuel, medicine, food grains. Etc. are not in a position to do so. Petrol and diesel prices are skyrocketing in the country, fuel stocks are on the verge of depletion, schools and offices are being closed to save electricity and fuel for the required time.

Due to such a dire economic situation prevailing in the country, the Sri Lankan currency has depreciated by 80 per cent, one US dollar is now around 360.65 Sri Lankan rupee. After decades of civil war until 2009, Sri Lanka is now mired in a serious economic and political crisis due to the wrong decisions of its rulers and is once again struggling to survive. The edge of the Civil War. However, economists around the world have high hopes for Sri Lanka to get back on its feet, as part of Sri Lanka has the world’s busiest sea route, which could prove to be a lifeline for reviving its economy in the future. But for that, Sri Lanka needs a worthy patriotic politician who leads Sri Lanka with complete fidelity and honesty, only then can the country and its future be on track and normal.

-Deepakkumar Tyagi / Intervention

(Senior Journalist, Columnist and Political Analyst)

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