श्रीकांत त्यागी पर कार्रवाई ‘त्यागी समुदाय’ का अपमान कैसे हो गयी?

Srikant Tyagi’s case is an example of the grandpa and goon mentality that thrives under political patronage. Such brash leader type people are becoming a big problem for the society. These people hinder the walker instead of walking with him.

Everywhere there are people with whom we may disagree, but who are hard to ignore. The society and the nation are disturbed by the irony of such ideals and worthless persons, but the greater irony is that instead of ostracizing such persons for their faults, we try to make them great heroes. Come out in support of them, they are respected. The same is the case with an alleged political activist named Srikanth Tyagi who is portrayed as a hero by the Tyagi society rather than a cautionary tale, social ostracism for his mistake, misbehaving with women. It has emerged as an anomaly of the structure of civilized, civilized and ideal society.

Srikant Tyagi’s case is an example of the grandpa and goon mentality that thrives under political patronage. People with such so-called chhuttabhaya leader type are becoming a big problem for the society. These people hinder the walker instead of walking with him. Snakes bite when the time comes, but such wicked ones bite at every step. It is certain that not everyone in public life is of one ideology, one style and one temperament. Hence mutual coordination and deep understanding and respect for each other is required along with honesty towards responsibility.

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What Srikanth Tyagi has done is definitely an unforgivable crime, the question is why society stands together to glorify such crimes. Why did about seven to eight thousand people gather and support him? From the big platform, demands were made from Srikant Tyagi to remove the Goonda Act, rectify the illegal possession he had taken, return his seized goods, dismiss the police officers who had acted, etc. Why do some people advocate parallel ideals created by them when they see an ideal being established in some corner? That is, a mere act of healthy tradition. A disgusting display of deceit. Srikanth Tyagi’s character with Khota is not hidden from anyone.

The Uttar Pradesh government, under a mission to root out gangster elements, dismantled Srikanth’s illegal encampment and imposed the Gangster Act on him. Then Srikanth, who had escaped, surrendered. After which some thug type supporters of Srikanth reached the society where the woman was molested. Now that Srikanth is in police custody, members of the Tyagi community in western Uttar Pradesh called a Maha Panchayat on Sunday and called it an insult to their entire caste. The question is why and how should this be considered an insult to the tyagi community?

Many anti-social types of petty leaders like Srikanth are seen projecting their image and running illegal businesses under political patronage. Political parties have long advised criminals to stay away from them, but they continue to harbor them with the aim of increasing their base. The result then is that as well as being the problem of political parties, they cause anxiety, shame and pain to the society and the nation. If we come in support of such a person with a criminal image as a pride of ‘caste’, it will in no way contribute to the moral upliftment of our society.

It is thanks to the smartphone that those crimes that spread like a nose in the society are known to others due to multiple videos of the same incident being made and going viral. The police administration has also been forced to act. Otherwise, such misbehavior is not easy to control. The good thing is that social media is openly objecting to the bad incident and the mistakes are being exposed. That’s a good thing. Everyone wants us to criticize but not act. We make mistakes but no one should open mouth on our mistakes. Such class is in majority in politics today. Such people are polluting the country as well as politics. People want to be Durga, but don’t want to see Durga in front of them. People want Bhagat Singh to be born, but in the neighborhood. Because Bhagat Singh is to be martyred at a young age. Speaking of ideals, what a paradoxical position.

When a problem becomes too worrisome, it needs to be given a serious new twist. Today, ending the multiplicity of criminal elements in politics should be the priority of a new India and a strong India. People like Srikanth move in connivance with politicians and acquire huge wealth, start earning lakhs of rupees and engage in illegal activities by threatening the administration. Such people surround their surroundings with stress, terror and fear. Srikanth also tried to keep the residents of the society in fear and occupied it illegally. Many such anti-social type of petty leaders are seen under the political patronage to shine their image in hooliganism and run illegal businesses. Extensive efforts are made to break this nexus of crime and politics, but criminal elements dominate politics. If the political will is not shown to prevent such people from rising in the society, not only the social structure cannot be kept in order, but the political parties will also face difficulties from time to time. Due to this, the nation will also become weaker instead of stronger. Similarly, a country and a society which forgets its cultural, social, moral and national traditions, often perishes. The condition is also explosive but its explosion is not visible. In the current materialistic political system, civilization is being pushed back in the ongoing scramble for power, wealth and supremacy.

Lalit Garg

(The writer is a senior journalist and columnist)

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