शांति से निकली कांवड़ यात्रा कई लोगों को भाई नहीं, इसलिए सरकार को बदनाम करने का कर रहे हैं षड्यंत्र

A few days ago, a Muslim offered Namaz in front of an IAS officer’s house in Gorakhpur, the video of which was also released on social media. A pedestrian in Gorakhpur made a video of the incident and the video surfaced on social media.

Lakhs of Shiva devotees immersed in the devotion of Bholenath in the holy Shavan month are going to offer Lord Shiva by taking water from the holy Kanwar. All the famous and historical Shiva temples are getting crowded. Lakhs of Shiva devotee Kanwariyas are reaching Haridwar in Uttarakhand itself, creating an amazing record. A very special arrangement has been made by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in view of the Kanwar Yatra, but this crowd is so small that it seems less. Since the year 2017, the Yogi Adianath government has been paying special attention to the convenience of Kanwar Yatris and making arrangements for their convenience. Flowers are also showered on him to honor his devotion, which is also happening in Uttarakhand this time.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself showered flowers from Pura Mahadev in Meerut district to Muzaffarnagar by helicopter. The atmosphere became fragrant and virtuous with these flowers of religious reverence. Flowers were showered on the Kanwariyas from one helicopter and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, sitting in the other helicopter, shook hands and accepted the greetings of Shiva devotees. This picturesque view is not liked by pseudo-secular groups and anti-social elements. These anti-social elements are conspiring to fuel the fire of hatred in the society by creating an atmosphere of unrest in the state.

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In the holy month of Sawan, the so-called jihadists and unscrupulous elements are making vile attempts to malign the Hindu society and create havoc in Uttar Pradesh. It is the result of the grace of Lord Shiva and the agility of the state police that no major incident has taken place so far, but the incidents taking place from Bijnor to Sambhal are very unfortunate and a matter of concern. From the state capital Lucknow to Meerut and Gorakhpur, where some miscreants are trying to spoil the atmosphere by offering prayers in public, the situation that has emerged from Bijnor is very serious. It is reported that two brothers wearing saffron safa in Bijnor tried to vandalize Baba Jalal Shah’s mausoleum in Sherkot and Bhureshah’s mausoleum in Dhanliyawala village. Both the accused have been identified as Mohammad Kamil and Mohammad Adil. Both are being interrogated. The investigation so far has revealed that these two wanted to spoil the atmosphere during the Kanwaryatra by destroying the clothes of the Kanwariyas. The families of these accused say that these people are mentally ill but it is known that these people have relation with Arab countries, both of them have traveled to Arab countries many times. After this information came to light, now all security and intelligence agencies of the state have become more alert and now NIA teams have also come to investigate the Bijnor incident.

It was the grace of Lord Shiva that this conspiracy was exposed on time, otherwise these people would have made a video of this incident and sent it abroad on social media and the entire Hindu society would have been defamed. All over the world the specter of Hindu terrorism is created and it is said that minorities in India are under threat. From place to place the leaders of secular parties will start protesting and the so-called Leftist mobs will start tarnishing the image of the state government by tweeting on Twitter.

In Moradabad district, Muslim women blocked the way of Kanwariyas by placing cots on the middle road. After a heated argument, the matter was settled with the intervention of the police officers. Saharanpur, Hathras and Sambhal districts were also pelted with stones by the Muslim community on the Kanwar Yatra, leading to tension. All these incidents are happening at a time when the state police is on high alert. On the other hand, some mischievous elements are trying to spoil the atmosphere of the state even by offering prayers in public places. After offering namaz at Lulu Mall in Lucknow, namaz was also offered at S2S Complex in Meerut. After the Meerut Mall video went viral on social media, the police administration swung into action and later detained three people reciting the Hanuman Chalice as a protest, while the identification and search of the people praying is still ongoing.

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A few days ago, a Muslim offered Namaz in front of an IAS officer’s house in Gorakhpur, the video of which was also released on social media. A pedestrian in Gorakhpur made a video of the incident and the video surfaced on social media. After this video came to light, SP City has spoken to take action. A video of offering Namaz at the Charbagh railway station in capital Lucknow has also gone viral. I don’t understand why namaaz is offered here and there even though there are so many mosques in the state?

Similarly, some miscreants are constantly fleeing by throwing profane objects in front of religious places to spoil the atmosphere of the state. It means that nowadays the anti-social elements are active in many ways to spoil the atmosphere of the state and they are also protected by the leaders of the so-called secular parties. In the discussions of TV channels, spokespersons of all left and secular parties are trying to protect the criminal elements by putting the responsibility of these incidents on the state government and administration and indirectly Yogi Adityanath ji led government and Kanwarias are responsible for all these incidents. events. Responsible.

A Muslim scholar was on a TV channel criticizing the facilities given to Kanwariyas and showering flowers on them and trying to malign the image of the Yogi government by calling it anti-constitutional, but when the old chief minister was doing the same. They were very happy. In fact these false secular people are feeling that these Kanwar Yatris are BJP’s vote bank when the reality is that all these parties were looking at Kanwar Yatris with an inferiority complex and never made any provision for them. It is a matter of great satisfaction for the people of the state that today a strong government is running in the state under the leadership of Yogiji. So the time has come for the Hindu society to wake up so that no misfortune is created.

-Mrityunjay Dixit

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