वैश्विक मंचों पर प्रधानमंत्री की बढ़ती लोकप्रियता के साथ बढ़ रही है भारत की धमक

India has never voted against Russia in the United Nations and any of its forums, but has been absent at every such resolution, but when Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Putin, he clearly told Putin that the time for war had come.

The influence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personality on the international forums is continuously increasing and almost all the countries of the world are looking towards the Prime Minister and India with hope. The world, weary of the corona pandemic war, is under tension due to economic slowdown and civil problems caused by it, as well as many other reasons, including the Russo-Ukraine war. A large part of the Earth could be in the grip of nuclear annihilation at any time due to the mistake of any country, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s current diplomacy have kept the situation from deteriorating.

Regarding the Russo-Ukraine war, India has never voted against Russia in the United Nations General Assembly and any of its forums, but has remained absent during every such resolution, but when Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Putin, he clearly told Putin. That this is not the time for war. After this, prominent leaders of all European Community countries welcomed and appreciated the Prime Minister’s statement. It is no small feat that both Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden are praising Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today.

It was a result of India’s deliberate diplomacy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention during the Russo-Ukraine war, temporarily halted the war and allowed the return of stranded Indian students. The students returned, but their studies suffered greatly due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Now going a step further, Russia is going to be a big support for those students. Russia has offered these students to complete their studies. Russian Consul General Oleg Aldeeb, who visited India, said that Indian students from Ukraine can complete their medical studies in Russia. The course of medical studies in Russia is almost the same. Along with this students can also learn Russian language. Russia says our doors are always open for students and citizens of India.

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If Biden suddenly decided to withdraw his army from Afghanistan, shortly after the US took over, when the Taliban formed its own government in Afghanistan and implemented its own law, no country in the world spoke a word against the Taliban. Only Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his party calling the Taliban a major threat to world peace. World leaders who were silent then have realized today that the Taliban has not changed and is still a threat. In Afghanistan, girls’ lives are ruined and their dreams of education and working outside are eclipsed.

After a long time, now the eyes of the world have opened on the issue of Taliban and a resolution has been passed in the United Nations General Assembly, in this resolution Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ideas have been given special importance. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution accusing the Taliban of violating the human rights of Afghan women and girls. He accused the Taliban of failing to establish a representative government and leaving the country in an economic, humanitarian and social situation. The resolution also cited continued violence in the country since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan 15 months ago, and terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, as well as foreign terrorist fighters. The resolution was passed by 116 votes in the 193-member assembly. Ten countries abstained from the proposal, including Russia, China, Belarus, Burundi, North Korea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Nicaragua, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Unlike the Security Council, General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but reflect world opinion. The proposal was put to the meeting by the German ambassador.

As soon as the Taliban came under the rule, India raised the possibility of their association with dangerous terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Haqqani Network, so the meeting passed a resolution against the Taliban, it was said through words and warnings. India was considered right. It is the pressure of India that today US President Joe Biden is forced to know Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world. On the other hand, America has also agreed to speed up the visa process for Indian students and citizens to come to America from next year, which will directly benefit Indians.

Narendra Modi has also become the focal point of the politics of India’s neighboring enemy Pakistan. Leader of the opposition party in Pakistan and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is praising Modi’s foreign policy, while current PM Shahbaz Sharif is also looking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to solve his problems. It has been made clear that as long as Pakistan promotes and protects terrorism. No dialogue is possible with Pakistan unless it continues to give. Is it Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity or his fear that Pakistan’s media runs some big news about him at least once a day, even if it is based on rumours.

At the International Environment Conference held in Egypt in the past, the eyes of the world were on India and the French President supported India’s various environmental protection policies there. India is going to chair the G-20 group for a year from December 2022, while on the other hand, next year the G-20 summit and many other major meetings are also going to be held in India itself, which is very important. Every Indian. Those will be proud moments. This is also a great opportunity for India, which will be used to increase foreign investment and tourism in India.

On the year 2023, the whole world is going to celebrate the International Year of Coarse Grains under the leadership of India. This resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly was put on behalf of India itself. The consumption of coarse grains in the diet is an integral part of India’s cultural heritage and is important from a health point of view and in keeping with the principles of Ayurveda. Leaders of the opposition parties in India may accuse the government that inflation, unemployment rates are rising rapidly and the rupee is going down under the Modi regime, but US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is visiting India from the US, said that India is constantly scaling back. Heights under the leadership of PM Modi. Now India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. This should not surprise anyone. We are dealing with the impact of an epidemic. But due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the economy of the whole world is deteriorating. Yellen says bilateral trade between the US and India has reached an all-time high, yet to touch new heights. The US praised India’s ambitious plans for green hydrogen and solar power. Today, India is stung all over the world and its final strategy on every global challenge is being made only after the statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the reaction coming from the Government of India.

Mrityunjay Dixit

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