रोजगार मेले में पीएम मोदी ने बांटे 71,000 से ज्यादा नियुक्ति पत्र, जम्मू-कश्मीर के युवाओं ने बताया ऐतिहासिक पल

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Jammu and Kashmir: Describing the youth as the country’s greatest strength, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday handed over appointment letters to over 71,000 youth as part of the Rozgar Mela, a recruitment drive for 10 lakh personnel. During the employment fair, more than 700 second phase youths got employment in Jammu and Kashmir. After which the youth of Jammu and Kashmir thanked the Prime Minister while expressing happiness.

Youth in Jammu and Kashmir expressed gratitude to PM Modi

Speaking to India TV, the Kashmiri youth said, “This moment is the most historic and joyous in our lives. From today our new life starts. We express our gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And this has happened only because of by Prime Minister Modi. The Prime Minister is working for the youth, especially he is concerned about the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. “The youth also said that before this no Prime Minister had supported the youth of this place. With this effort of PM Modi, the youth here who have gone astray get on the right path Because of this there will also be peace in our country people will live life happily.

This process of submitting letters of agreement continues: PM

While addressing the youth through video conferencing on this occasion, the Prime Minister said that in the last one month, similar campaigns have been run in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) ruled states and union territories. He said, “These are the benefits of having twin engine governments. This process of handing over appointment letters to the youth will continue.

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