राष्ट्रपति चुनाव: यात्रियों की तरह उड़ान भर रही मतपेटियां, ‘मिस्टर बैलेट बॉक्स’ के नाम से होती है टिकट बुक । President Election Ballot boxes are being flying like passengers

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election material for the 16th presidential election


  • The vote for the presidential election will take place on July 18
  • Voters “fly” like passengers
  • Each ballot box is allocated a seat on the plane

Presidential election: Ballot boxes for the presidential election “fly”, as passengers have each been allocated a seat on the plane. They are going to most of the state capitals, where they will be used to vote on July 18th. Tickets for ballot boxes are ordered separately under the name “Mr. Ballot Box”, and ‘he’ is placed on the front row of the plane next to the seat of the officer carrying the ballot paper and election material as special pens to mark the votes She goes.

While 14 ballot boxes are sent on Tuesday, 16 ballot boxes are sent on Wednesday. Ballot boxes for the Delhi Parliament and Assembly are likely to be sent on Wednesday. officials said so Himachal Pradesh The ballot boxes made for An Assistant Electoral Officer from the State and an Officer from the Office of the State Chief Electoral Officer come here to the Electoral Commission headquarters, Nirvachan Sadan, to collect election materials. It is mandatory for them to return to the state capital the same day. When the ballot boxes and ballot papers reach the capitals of the state, they are stored in pre-inspected and properly sealed strong rooms, the process is videographed.

The members of the Legislative Council do not have the right to vote in presidential elections.

After the vote is over, the sealed ballot boxes and other election materials are taken back to the office of the returning officer, this time the Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha, on the next available plane. Ballot boxes and other documents are carried in person to the cabin of the aircraft and are kept at all times under the supervision of the accompanying officers. Voting takes place in Parliament, and state legislatures and elected MPs and MLAs – not nominated – have the right to vote. The members of the Legislative Council do not have the right to vote in presidential elections.

What did the High Commissioner for Elections say?
In a conversation with the assistant election officials, Chief Electoral Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stressed that it has become a hallmark to conduct impeccable elections every time with strict adherence to the procedures of various teams in the Election Commission. According to a statement from the Electoral Commission, Kumar asked officials to remain vigilant and ensure strict compliance with protocols and guidelines for the transportation and storage of election materials, including ballot boxes and ballot papers.

Murmu met MPs MLAs from Bengal BJP, got assurance of support
NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu met MPs and MPs in West Bengal on Tuesday and sought their support in the July 18 election for the top constitutional post. State BJP President Sukanta Majumdar and Leader of the Opposition in West Bengal Assembly Shubendu Adhikari were also present at the meeting, which lasted for almost an hour at a hotel. According to BJP’s Bengali unit sources, at the meeting, the party’s MPs and MLAs assured Murmu of their support for the presidential election. Murmu travels around different states to get the support of MPs and MPs.

Mamta Banerjee had said this about Draupadi Murmu
Earlier in the day, she reached the home of Swami Vivekananda’s ancestors in northern Kolkata. West Bengal’s Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee had recently said she could have been a consensus candidate if the BJP had discussed with the opposition parties before running against Odisha’s tribal leader Murmu. Major non-BJP parties, including Congress and the Trinamool Congress, have projected Yashwant Sinha as the common opposition candidate in the presidential election. At present, the BJP has 17 Lok Sabha MPs in West Bengal. One of them Arjun Singh has joined Trinamool, but he has not yet resigned from the post as MP. At the same time, the BJP has 75 MLAs in the West Bengal Assembly with 294 members. However, five of them are affiliated with Trinamool without resigning as MLAs.

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