योगी सरकार ने पहले सौ दिनों में बेहतरीन कामकाज की नई मिसाल कायम की है

Yogi Adityanath, who got the title of Bulldozer Baba due to his bulldozer campaign in the Assembly elections, continued the campaign for the second term. In the first month alone, bulldozers were driven by the Yogi government on the properties of hundreds of criminals and mafias.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s popularity graph is steadily rising. Their decisions and working style are being discussed not only in the country but also abroad. The old attitude is intact even in the second term of the yogi. His government is moving forward without any fear and bias. Although at least 6 months is considered necessary to review the work of any government, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued his report card in remembrance of the completion of 100 days of his government, so this report card may be good for the opposition. Even if it doesn’t look good, the yogi’s supporters are giving him a hundred percent number. The 100-day report card of the Yogi government is even more important as Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath set a development target for 100 days of his government with the swearing in.

However, on the one hand the yogi was moving forward with the goal of development, on the other hand in these 100 days he faced many challenges and elections. Following the controversial statement of BJP leader Nupur Sharma during the Lok Sabha by-elections and Assembly elections, some people tried their best to disturb the peace in the state. In the Lok Sabha by-elections, Yogi threw the Rampur-Azamgarh Lok Sabha seats in the BJP’s bag. This feat was no small feat. The BJP also did well in the Assembly elections. Violence erupted in Kanpur, Prayagraj in protest of BJP leader Nupur’s controversial statement during Yogi’s tenure, while the atmosphere was heated in other districts as well. The yogi left no stone unturned in thwarting the rioters’ plans. Bulldozer action was also taken against the rioters. Earlier, he had also peacefully removed loudspeakers from religious places, but previous governments could not do so despite repeated court orders. In the same way, on some occasions, the habit of praying on the road has also been stopped.

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When Yogi became the Chief Minister for the second time, he showed with full force that he has no choice in Uttar Pradesh at present. They are not afraid to make tough decisions to maintain law and order. When Yogi first took over the CM’s chair in 2017, he lacked administrative experience. For this reason, for the first year or two, the interference of administrative officials in their decisions was largely visible. Now he has become a mature leader. The working class is unable to make them dance to their tune. Speaking of development, with the start of the second term, Yogi had prepared a 100-day action plan for all the ministers. On which a lot of work was done. Another thing is that these works are not fully visible on the ground at present. With this the yogi was able to maintain the image of the bulldozer Baba built on law and order. Strict measures have also been taken to prevent riots and other cases. Recruitment process has been started for the vacant posts in government departments. A survey has been launched to plan to bring one person from each family into the scope of the job. In addition, the process of distribution of tablets and smartphones has been started as part of election promises. CM Yogi has assigned all the ministers the responsibility of staying in the area and talking for the government’s direct involvement with the problems of the area. Land lease has been allotted in Kanpur countryside for the rehabilitation of 63 Hindu families displaced from Bangladesh. The rioters were bulldozed.

Apart from this, after the controversy over Nupur Sharma’s statement, an attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh and on June 3, riots broke out in Kanpur and on June 10, riots broke out in Prayagraj. Hayat Zafar Hashmi, the main accused in the Kanpur riots, and Javed Mohammad Pump, the main accused in the Prayagraj violence, were arrested immediately after the incident. FIRs have been registered against hundreds of people in these cases. A bulldozer has run over Javed Mohammad’s house. At the same time, the house of a close friend of Hayaz Zafar has also been demolished. The rebels appear to be succeeding in calming the situation.

Amid loudspeaker controversy in the country, CM Yogi Adityanath has taken a big decision. He issued an order banning the sound of loudspeakers playing at religious places to the premises. CM Yogi Adityanath has ordered action against the illegal auto stand within 100 days of his second term. Yogi has tried to convey the message from the beginning of his second term that corruption, negligence and neglect of public interest will not be tolerated in the government system. Earlier, the government had given a message by suspending District Magistrate Sonbhadra and Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police. District Magistrate Auraiya Sunil Varma was also suspended. With this, more than Rs 200 crore worth of illegal properties were demolished or confiscated in the first month alone.

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Yogi Adityanath, who got the title of Bulldozer Baba due to his bulldozer campaign in the Assembly elections, continued the campaign for the second term. In the first month alone, bulldozers were driven by the Yogi government on the properties of hundreds of criminals and mafias. The Anti-Romeo Squad has been re-launched in the state. A special campaign has been launched for the protection of women since the first day of Navratri. Janata Darshan has once again been started at the Chief Minister’s residence to address the queries of the people. In which the presence of a government minister is seen every day. There has been a constant emphasis on appointments since Yogi became the government. The department was instructed to make appointments expeditiously. In the last 100 days, more than 3800 candidates have been selected by UPPSC. More than 3500 of them have got jobs.

The Yogi government has come to power with a promise to give better opportunities to the youth during elections. Bhumipujan ceremonies were organized in the past to fulfill this promise. Efforts were made to send a message to the investor to provide a better environment in the state. By expanding industries, the government is formulating a strategy to link the unemployed with employment. The ration scheme played a key role in the BJP’s victory in the UP elections. The Yogi government has extended the free ration scheme provided by the government during the Koro period for three months. With the formation of the government, the return gift of the scheme, which will benefit 150 million people, was given at a cabinet meeting.

Like his first term, CM Yogi emphasized strengthening law and order at the beginning of his second term. The SDM, CO and Tehsildar have been instructed to stay at the place of posting at night for immediate resolution of the problems of the citizens of their area. The Chief Minister has directed to train women home guards in Uttar Pradesh in anti-terrorism module. Women will be recruited for 20 per cent Home Guard posts in UP. The process for this has also been started. The main thing is that the way the yogi government is making decisions and looking at all classes with one eye has been praised by the opponents of the yogi. Many Muslim leaders have been seen praising the UP government. Opposition, especially SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, has always been looking for flaws in the yogi government, but so far they have not been able to surround the yogi on any issue on which the people support him. That is why it is being said that the future of the yogi government is good. However, to remove BJP and Yogi from power, be it SP-BSP or Congress, they can only succeed if they can draw a bigger line against Yogi than them.

– Ajay Kumar

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