यूपी: स्कूल में टीचर का हुआ ट्रांसफर तो फूट-फूटकर रोने लगे बच्चे, VIDEO वायरल । UP News government teacher transferred school children started crying video viral

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Teacher and student


  • The case of Raigad Primary School in Chandauli, UP
  • Teacher Shivendra Singh was recently transferred to another school
  • At the teacher’s farewell, the students became so emotionally charged that they began to cry after clinging to them.

UP news: When the children at a state school in Uttar Pradesh were told that their teacher had been transferred, they began to cry bitterly and appealed not to go. The video of this emotionally charged moment is now becoming more and more viral on social media. Sag, Chandauli K Raigad Primary School. Here, teacher Shivendra Singh was recently transferred to another school. Young children will not let go of their teacher, perhaps these tears are synonymous with this desire. Upon parting with their teacher, the students became so emotionally charged that they began to cry. During this, he was seen trying to comfort the children.

Shivendra was emotional to see the children cry

Shivendra was also emotional when he saw him cry. He was overwhelmed by the love he received from the children and he not only silenced them with a hug but explained to them that there are more good teachers in the school so that they should not cry. The video shows teacher Shivendra Singh saying: I’m coming soon to meet you. Keep Working Hard Studying Your Mind and Progress in Life Sources said that Shivendra Singh’s teaching method is very different, which children like a lot. He is extremely popular with the students.

Every child at school has a connection to the teacher
Shivendra Singh was seconded as an assistant teacher at the school in 2018. He used games and social media to raise awareness among children. He is very careful with the students’ studies. That is why every single child in the school is attached to him.

Shivendra Singh continued to teach children at this school from September 7, 2018 to July 12, 2022, perhaps it was his earnings that when he was transferred, the children became emotionally charged and began to cry with hugs.

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